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英文旅遊日記20點 !!


請問可以幫我代打 英文日記嘛…




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    這篇是我寫的海南島遊 內容多在描述海南島的風景



    《版權Collin 所有》


    It’s just big like Taiwan, but its few inhabitants and quiet is enough to catch our heart. Even though they aren’t prosperous as us, we enjoy the feeling that we’ve ever think of. A big countryside but a tiny city, Hi-Nan(海南), brings us a beautiful place as a real dreamland, visionary hope.

    Walking along the beach, we can see the sand glows just as the gold covering that ground. The images, which there are plenty of shells spreading all over everywhere, are like an illusion. You can pick up the shells at will that you want. There is not a resemblance between the store-sold one and the one picking by ourselves. Although they have not only bright, but also clear surfaces, they will never achieve the joy of picking up by our own.

    There is only one McDonalds on this island, and we feeling the sense of desolation. But when we get to the tourist landscape which, the sight is beyond our imagination. Near the seashore, I overlooking the transparent and limpid seawater, where fish raise their voice to chant a melody.

    On the way to our hotel, it’s rainy but funny because they don’t have drainage ditch on the streets. The water accumulates as a small river because of heavy rainwater. Listening to the guide speaking the dialect of Hi-Nan, you have already felt you dip in a whole new world, but it’s just a province in China. The feeling of placing yourselves here is as if you were in a paradise and you were not to forget it forever.

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