My 4 year old daughter suffers from motion sickness? Any remedy?

She has to travel everyday by school bus, which she dreads. She doesn't even takes breakfast due to fear of vomiting in the bus. Any solutions?


I went to the pharmacy the other day to ask for some kind of drug for this, but the pharmicist said she's too young to take any medicine for this condition.

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    Poor thing!I have had travel sickness all my life it never goes away.

    I seriously have tried every remedy but nothing works!

    sitting on newspaper,eating ginger,taking tablets,sipping lemon wedges,sea sickness bands.

    you could try any of these, they may work for her.

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    It's best to try to prevent motion sickness, because symptoms are hard to stop once they start. Once motion sickness has developed, relief comes only after the motion has stopped. If you can't stop the motion, you may be able to reduce the feeling of queasiness by sitting or lying down in an area that appears to move the least. In an airplane, sit near the wings; on a boat or ship, stay on the deck, looking at the horizon, or try to sit or lie down in a cabin near the center of the ship.

    You also can take prescription and nonprescription medication to prevent or reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Most medications work best if you take them before you travel. The medications work in different ways. Some are sedatives that minimize the effect of motion, while others reduce nausea and vomiting.

    Many people try other methods of preventing motion sickness, such as taking powdered ginger capsules or wearing acupressure wristbands. It is safe to try these methods, and they might offer some relief; however, there is little evidence that they prevent motion sickness.

    In all eventuality, see your doctor (your child is only 4, so it is advisable to make sure the diagnosis is correct). In some (rare) cases, motion sickness may be a sign of other ailments which can cause similar symptoms.

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    Sorry to hear about your daughter.Motion Sickness is a disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by the repeated motion of a car,bus or even a plane in turbulent air.In the inner ear{labyrinth} motion sickness affects the sense of balance and equilibrium, hence the sense of spatial orientation,this is caused by the brain sending signals through three different pathways of the nervous system; the signals come from the inner ear sensing motion, acceleration and vision. When there's unintentional movement of the body, as occurs in a moving vehicle, the brain is not coordinating any movements, thus,the conflict of motion sickness.It's treated by antihistamine medication which calms the inner ear.There is also a skin patch called aTransderm Scop.A few common remedies include soda crackers, and ginger products.all works better taken before travelling.

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    Give her a bottle of warm 7UP and a baggie of soda crackers and have her sit up close to the front of the bus, she'll feel a bit more in control and won't suffer so much. Have her nibble on a cracker while the bus is in motion and drink little sips of 7UP, she should learn to take the bus ride in stride, my son did and is now a crew chief on a Chinook helicopter, so he just grew out of it with a little help from Mommy! ;>)

    Source(s): Mom to 9 kids and grandmom to 6 grandpuppies
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    I get really motion sick too. Espesially on school busses! I find that sitting very near the front and looking out the window helps a lot. Definately talk to the bus driver and tell him/her to let your daughter move seats. Breakfast is a very important meal- so she should be able to eat ; ) !!! !!! !!!

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    You can buy a band for her to wear on her wrist called a sea band. Go to a drugstore like Walgreens or CVS and they will be by the pharmacy. I have never tried them myself but lots of people have and they say they work great. My son used to get carsick on long road trips until we moved his carseat to the middle of the van. Has she tried riding in different spots on the bus to see if that helps at all?

    Good luck!

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    Poor thing I know how she feels, I have suffered from motion sickness all my life and its hard to deal with. If the pharmacist says she is to young to take anything then I would say take her to the doctor that way he can prescribe something for her that will be safe and effective for her age.

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    I feel sorry for that kid. She doesn't have a childhood, and you know she's going to have a lot of issues by the time she reaches adulthood. I seriously doubt her mother will be around to see her graduate. "It makes people happy, and I'm not harming anyone," she says. Look your four year old daughter in the eye and tell her that. Tell her that she is living in a sound home environment that is healthy for a developing child. If you can do that, then you seriously need help. Yes, you're hurting someone. You're hurting the child you gave birth to who 'set you apart' from all the other freaks on the internet. When it takes 30 medical professionals for you to give birth, that's nature and God saying that you shouldn't breed.

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    Our doctor told us that antihistimines work well with motion sickness. We haven't tried it yet, though. My son feels better when he has fresh air blowing in his face. Maybe if she can open a window, and feel a breeze, it will help.

    Personally, when I get carsick, keeping my head cool (with ice or a wash cloth) helps.

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    1 decade ago

    Have her eat ginger before she gets on the bus

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