LSD and the effects.?

i read that LSD puts the user into a state where they can become faced with who they really are. It said that LSD can merge the line between the subconcious and the concious mind, and can make you philosphical, and obsessed with ideas like 'eternity' and 'reality'.

My question is, does anyone know what chemical imbalance, or anyone who can give me a detailed answer as to why the breakdown of the barrier in the mind between concious and subconcious occurs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    LSD-25 is a powerful psychedelic with a convoluted reputation that is filled with urban legends. It is referred to as an entheogen, because it can make people have spiritual experiences. These experiences are as subjective as the notion of self, and as such your question about the barrier between conscious and subconscious can't really be answered definitively. The actual biochemistry involved can get a bit heady, but basically what LSD does is bind to certain chemical receptors in your brain, interfering with the regular flow of dopamine and serotonin.

    LSD can make you see things; you're probably not going to hallucinate an eight foot tall bunny rabbit, but you might get the impression that the walls are breathing.

    I'm including a list of sources which may be of interest to you. The Wikipedia article is lengthy and goes into detail, and has many links to other interesting bits of information. The Erowid link is also rather informative, and contains myriad reports of specific people's experiences with the drug.

    If you are considering experimentation with LSD-25 or any other psychedelic I must warn you that it is most probably illegal where you are at. In addition, there have been reported cases where LSD-25 has triggered latent schizophrenia in some individuals.

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