Phone cuts wireless LAN?

I just got wireless broadband and every time the phone rings the service gets cut, at first i tought it was just the cordless phone, but it also happens with the normal phone. Any ideas on what to do??


The internet connection is not related in any way with the phone, i have DSL, thru the cable company

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    Your "wireless" lan has to be connected to the internet somehow... Is it DSL? In which case, you may have the phone filters in the wrong place, thus blitzing out your internet when your dial line rings. Or... do you have any cordless phones on your dial (voice) line? most cordless phones are in the 2.4GHz range as are most wireless lans. When your phone rings, it could be wiping out your wireless by being on the same frequency. You may need to buy a new cordless phone on any frequency OTHER that the one your wireless lan is on.

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    That happens to me as well, just not with a corded phone. Apparently the wireless network and the cordless phone operate on the same frequency, so that when the cordless phone is in use, the wireless router cannot over power it and thus terminates the connection until the phone call is ended. My only explanation as far as the corded phone is to make sure you aren't using dial-up.

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    do you have DSL

    If so it could be that your wireless is working fine but with dsl is what is called cross connect what that means is when your phone rings or you pick it up it causes the dsl to drop becuse it brakes the circuit if this is the case I would call your ISP and have them send a tech out to check your NID and your lines also if you are a filter install make sure all your lines are filterd if you are not a filter install and you are a spilter install then make sure they send a tech out make sure your spilter is installed correctly.

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    Your router operates on the 2.4GHz range (Probably the same as your cordless phone) Change out your cordless phone to 5.8Ghz or 900Mhz or just go to corded phones.

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  • OgieV
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    You must have DSL-Phone jack splitter, so that you can use your phone normally, without cutting your broadband line, buy it now!

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    its called call the phone company or wait till after 9 or10 at night to get on that way you konw that people are not going to call. it sounds like you have dial up with that call alert thing on it... call the phone company tho. that would be the best bet...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    uh.. are you sure you're not using dail up?

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