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Cycling: Mapping my route?

I was wondering if there us a free program out there that will help me map out my cycling trips. I want to be able to get to certain locations but I obviously cant use major highways. I think Google maps may have a feature for this. But i was wondering if there was one the cyclist use that is a bit more popular/recommended.

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    you can map your on ride .. go to mapmyride.com - you can cusomized your route from your house to your destination.

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    Many metro areas, particularly on the west coast offer bike routes in maps. In the Bay Area, California, 511.org offers a number of features including grade of the hills -- however look at the map in google-- the aerial view is much better.

    Veloroutes is nice tool for showing your route and elevation change - right now the printing is not that great. It does not currently offer "automatic routing", but you can tell if the road is limited access or not.

    In addition, highways might be available-- if it is the only road to get somewhere, the road is public and accessible to all.

    If you are planning for a long distance trip, and want well printed easy to follow maps, Adventure cycling offers the triple crown of cycling maps -- an aerial view, turn by turn, and elevation profile.

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    Yes, Google has a feature for this. Just click "avoid highways". Once the route is set, you can drop and drag the route marker if you wanted to take a different way. I've used it many times and it works great and is quite user friendly.

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    I like this site:


    It not only has a good map, it marks your route AND has an elevation graphing feature. Find the terrain you are seeking. hilly or flat.

    Oh yeah, if you bookmark it you will get a cool little bicycle icon on your favorites list!

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    I'm not sure if this works outside of the Los Angeles area:


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