HELP! poem from point of view of tom sawyer!?

hey i need help for school im not very good at making poems and i need a way to creatively introduce tom and any tips on what to include in the poem? thanks a ton and please help!

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  • Todd
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    Maybe take the scene of painting (white washing) the fence and use that in a poem. That is a memorable event for Tom Sawyer. It would make a good poem. Just deal with him conning the other kids elaborate on the story if you need to if necessary.

    Good luck

    Edit: Remember to try to keep the words one's that Tom might use. Don't worry about rhyme.

    The poem could be called something simple like this:

    The Fence

    (Example line)

    Chores is only fun when ya' ain't the one doin' 'em.

    (maybe something like that) Have fun with it. That's more important than making it perfect.

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    Contrast white washing of fence to running from Injun Joe. DO NOT rhyme; it's hard and you'll spend more time working on rhymes then getting the work right. Introduce in the cave with Betty and bring back to the Judge, then to the fence ("simpler times") then back to Injun Joe.

    Maybe throw in a reference to "Huckleberry Finn" as the darker, more mature work.

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