a question on astrology...?

ok, i supposed i've picked on christianity enough for now. for those who believe in astrology, do you ever read the horoscope for other signs of the zodiac and find that those horoscopes could pertain to your life just as easily as your own particular sign?


i believe you left the ackas out of the middle of your name...

Update 2:

ah yes, quite obviously, in order to get an "accurate" "professional" reading i'm gonna have to shell out a little more than the dollar i spend on the sunday paper. oh well...

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    Astrology, and it’s so called predictions, are based on generic declarations that can apply to anyone at any place and time. Hence, to those who already have a proclivity towards the superstitious, astrology seems to be prescient.

    However, any close examination of astrology, by an objective observer, who requires the astrologer to make specific and detailed predictions concerning an individual, invariably end up failing. I believe James Randi, the famous skeptic responsible for debunking so many claims of the miraculous, has done great work in exposing how fraudulent astrology really is.

    Really, the falsity of astrology should be patently obvious to anyone who bothers to ponder it for more than a second. If abiding by astrological predictions would yield fortunate results for those receptive to it, wouldn’t countries like China, India, and Vietnam - where astrology is looked to for predicating who would be a suitable partner for marriage, to where and how one should build a house or business - be among the most prosperous and luckiest places on the planet.

    What you see is the exact opposite. Compared to western countries, the aforementioned nations, whose populations have great faith in astrology and soothsaying, suffer abysmal poverty, devastating natural disasters, abusive marriages, and whole host of other calamities and hardships.

    If one wants to demonstrate that astrology, or any other folk superstition, lacks efficacy in predicting the future, or in determining the best course of action for an individual, just look at the fruits that such superstitions bear in nations that rely heavily upon such nonsense.

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    Good question! I am NOT an 'astrologer', but I do know enough about the subject to toss in an answer here. I think that the horoscopes you refer to are those in the paper. If so, these 'forecasts' can pertain to anyone since they really aren't 'cast' by a real astrologer. There are too many variables for the same horoscope to apply generically to every one. What is generally your main sign is your Sun sign. Casting a horoscope based upon only the placement of the Sun is as dumb as trying to suck a meatball through a coffee straw. To complete a full horoscope, the astrologer need the date and time and place of your birth. He will include the sun and moon and all the applicable planets in the forecast. Imagine the person who writes those cute little 'scopes for the paper doing a full and complete job which includes literally everyone on the planet? There ain't enough paper, Jack!

    And, if you have read the 'scopes in the paper, at the end of the column it usually states that the horoscopes printed are for entertainment only.

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    No. If you've ever actually had a legit reading (which could take hours- so they're not for the faint of heart) then you'd see how well it really works. I've had a reading before... well it was more of a reading slash astrology charts 101. But it was very accurate.

    I'm not saying that you should take the magazine horscopes seriously (they tend to be inaccurate to say the least), but give it a chance.

    Plus for something to be accurate, it has to be based on the exact time and location of your birth, not which approx 30 day period you were born in.

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    Lawrence Lewis, you gave the best answer again to this deep question.

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    I'm a capricorn, so I think Astrology is bunk.

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