Good handgun to start with?

I'm looking for a semi auto handgun in .45 ACP that is a good place to start. It must be inexpensive ($400-$500 or so) but have a great amount of after-market parts to upgrade it's effectiveness and reliability. I carried a .45 for 3 years in the military and fell in love with it.


Ok, I didn't post this for the anti gun people to blast me. You don't like guns that is ok, arm police with pea shooters. Until the day when the government takes my gun out of my cold, dead fingers, I'll own and carry LEGALLY.

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    I would look into a Springfield XD 45, Glock 21, Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec, or a used H&K USP. As for aftermarket parts, I would think that the 1911 would have the most options.

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    I agree with the fella above, 9mm is much better than .45 if you're just going to have fun with it once in a while (but it's especially better if you want to have fun with it more often that just once in a while like me) However, you do get the badass factor with the good ol' .45.

    It all depends on what you want to use it for.

    You'll have a lot of people tell you that 9mm is too small for protection, however most 9mm's come with much higher magazine capacities. 45 is plenty big enough for protection. however, because the round is bigger/heavier/has more powder, the recoil is more than a 9mm. so in a personal defense situation, it will take you longer to re-aim for a second shot with a .45 than a 9mm. maybe consider .40?

    anyways - to answer your question, you should first make a choice if you can settle for a used gun or if you would like a new one. If you want a used 45, you might be able to find a kimber inside your price range, but it'll be beat up a little if it's that cheap. have no fear - kimber is a GREAT mfg company.

    that brings us to another aspect of your question. customizability.

    Hands down. the 1911 handgun platform (which is now produced by several different companies) is the most customizable.

    I just purchased a Beretta 92 in 9mm which also has some customizable options ( not as much as the 1911). it came with three 15 rd mags... this is also a great, time tested handgun. it cost me 500 + tax.

    I'm a fan of the 1911 platform. so, for your price range, check out the Taurus PT1911

    you'll also see the 24/7 on that taurus site. this gun recently won some awards for reliability. (i think it shot 10,000 flawless/jam-free rounds over 3 days) <don't quote me on that. But it's available in .45 as well.

    as said above, the springfield xd45 is a great gun and usually comes with a kit that includes a holster and some more goodies.

    A lot of guys swear by glock, check those out as well.

    My best advice is to first decide the reasons why you want a gun. (fun, protection, etc...) Then decide if you want a new or used gun.... then go from there.

    as i always say... research research research

    ( if you need any more help, i've done plenty of the research research research myself, so feel free to contact me. I'm familiar with many many models. )

    Good luck

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    something cheap, reliable, simple, and cheap to shoot often: a surplus handgun like a CZ52 or TT33. I just turned 21 and now looking to get one of those. Why I haven't yet is because of California's severe gun control laws and the certified handgun roster list/CR exemptions. the CZ52 would be perfect for California ownership. standard capacity is 8+1, so no "hi cap" magazine issues to deal with. ammo is extremely affordable, 7.62x25mm is around $150 per 1200rd case. The recoil is low and easily manageable. The penetration is better than 9mm, .357, or .45acp, so it would be a good handgun for possible concealed carry or home defense use. its a pretty small handgun. still bigger than the compacts but not some huge thing. It is military issue, so obviously it needs to be reliable, easy to operate, easy to clean/maintain. Military surplus also means easily avalible parts so repair wouldn't be too hard. it is a C&R handgun so it wouldn't exactly become worthless soon after purchase so long as its kept in good repair. $260 for the pistol is way inexpensive. almost anyone can afford it. some magazines, a case of ammo, all under $500. not possible with some brand new glock or similar high quality firearm. if you got plenty of money (which isn't me) then I'd recommend a Glock, HK or Springfield 9mm or .380 caliber semiautomatic handgun. Revolvers are simpler, rarely ever jam, and don't burn thru ammo as fast, but they are boring and too old-fashioned. other cheap (affordable or extremely affordable) handgun brand to think about would be the Hi Points. People's opinion of that is mixed. some say that they are good and reliable handguns, some see the price is too low so it can't be a quality handgun, and others have nothing but bad reviews for Hi Points. Hi Point handguns are not pretty, they are mostly polymer, very inexpensive at $250 and less, and work great for plinking, target, or range use. they are 1/2 price of all those other handguns without a significant drop in quality or reliability. I've been considering one of those in case I really can't get a CZ-52. a .380 or 9mm is around $200. pretty inexpensive. Finally, the ultra-inexpensive and mega-cheap pistols I've also thought about. For about $50 to $100 I can get a range-only to plinking-only semiautomatic piece of crap Lorcin 380 or Raven 25. If you select carefully you can get a one that won't explode when fired. They are crap pistols, if it broke you can probably get a few bucks out of it as scrap metal. they shoot straight, but it doesn't always work. They are not reliable, they are quite simple, the Lorcin 380 is some power, the Raven 25 shoots 25acp, which is about as powerful as a .22 air rifle. ammo is cheap, ammo is avalible (since .25acp is so weak and useless), and will do fine as a plinking or indoor range pistol. For the very low price, it would be worth it. it just won't be suitable for anything else unlike all the other handguns.

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    bet you'd like the Springfield Armory 45 ACP 1911 edition..they are around $300-400, they advertise them a couple times a year...however, if you are shooting a 45 a lot, it can get expensive...try Ruger Mark II...they make .22 and .45 can shoot the .22 all day for about 5 bucks...most well balanced pistol ever made...good and used alot for target shooting...they were originally developed as sidearms for military officers in WW2..they are reliable and accurate...and you can buy one for about $300.

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    Get yourself a nice Gov model 45 from one of the several manufacturers. Parts abound and you can take it from stock GI to tack shooting target pistol easily.

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    I would actually recommend a Ruger 9mm. Inexpensive to shoot and fits in the hand well. I find that the .45 cal is expensive to practice with.

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    I think you fell in love with guns and that is quite dangerous. That's what happens to people who have mental problems and are angry at society and go on a shooting rampage just like those many school shootings that happened in the past. You might want to consider of seeking a physiologist to cure your love of guns.

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    What message is it that you are trying to convey with all your gun-gun-gun rhetoric. We are not impressed. Is this Charlton Heston. Get a life.

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    Can't you just carry a pack of gum and be happy? But thank you for serving our country!

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