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Why does there seem to be a pill for everything from losing weight-depression-change of weather-blah de blah?

dont most people know that pharmaceutical companies are just making up diseases so that they can market new pills for you to buy so that you can pay off their mercedes and multimillion dollars?

i wouldnt be surprised if they paid people on questions and answers to pretend to be real people who take the drug and give raving reviews about them.

what people do for money!!!


For pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, death and injury are just a cost of doing business. When Zyprexa, Lilly’s drug to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, hit the marketplace in 1996, it was hailed as an “atypical” – a “safe, gentle psychotropic,” more effective than older drugs like Thorazine and Trilafon, without the dangerous side effects. Sales skyrocketed. The hype soon gave way to reality, as Lilly faced waves of lawsuits by patients suffering from diabetes, massive weight gain, pancreatitis and cardiac problems. Lilly responded with the cozy arrangement that worked with Prozac, another blockbuster plagued with problems: quietly settle suits out of court, with proceedings sealed and secret under a gag order. Anything embarrassing – or illegal – that Lilly is doing behind closed doors would remain hidden from public view.

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    OK Tom Cruise, pills are evil. Nobody touched my mom to give her high blood pressure, it was something that she's suffered from since her mid-thirties. She's been on the same drugs for years now and without it she would no longer be alive. She's not even overweight. Our life expectancy is much longer than it was before the drugs and treatments.

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    about 5 years ago, I started to fall into a really depressive episode. At first I thought it was only because I had a bad break from a relationship but the feelings wouldn't go away even after I got a new girlfriend. It was wrecking my life until a point where it was seriously affecting my work and personal life.

    She was very worried but at the same time couldn't understand why I was still sad and thought that I still couldn't let go of my previous relationship. Being the wonderful person that she is, she put aside her feelings and suggested I go for psychiatric evaluation. Many months later and even more anti-depressants, I was not coming close to being better at all.

    After doing some research online, I found out the real cause as you described it really makes a lot of sense and purchased this program. The results were simply astonishing. I read this book over three times and put all words in action. Using this method, I've kept my depression at bay ever since. Up to date I'm still living happily with my girlfriend.

    Depression Free Method?

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    I will keep it more basic.

    Sure, it is a great thing that various things are identified and there are drugs that could take care of things. Imagine if it was 100 or 200 years ago.

    But now? I agree. You have commercials where a puffy little cloud is dragging behind the other ones. But if you take Zoloft the puffy little cloud is bouncy and is up front.

    People lived a very long time without this sort of thing. Whatever is bugging you be it job, family or whatever relationship maybe fixing that is the core issue.... not taking a pill. Again, some need drugs but most are using them as a crutch so they do not have to face reality.

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    I don't believe companies are making up diseases. People will try to sell a pill that doesn't work because people are willing to pay for it. As far as that Eli Lilly thing, the FDA does check the clinical trial information before approving new medications and/or uses. It was deemed safe to take by the FDA. What people don't understand is that in trials, a certain number of adverse reactions are going to occur. Also, people take these drugs and sometimes do not listen to their doctors orders and do not read the brochure given with the prescription. All of the side effects you listed may have been in the brochure. People need to read these & decide if the benefit outweights the risk.

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    You are absolutely right. These companies often use Africa as a testing ground for many drugs. If they kill the people in places like Darfur, Kenya, Ghana or Ethiopia no one notices because there is so much death there. Notice also they spend almost no time curing anything. They only make medicines that control the situations uncomfortable effects. They pay advertising firms (this was on 60 minutes last week) to come up with names for syndromes like RLS. It's obvious that health care has run amok and needs to be taken over and regulated by a government not mired in bribes and special interest groups. Even Hilary has been bought. HMO's and drug companies are not interested in helping people. They are interested in huge profits. It's a disgrace what has happened in this country with our health care. We have Nixon and Edgar Kaiser to thank for it.

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    I think we, people in western societies, have become addicted to quick fixes. Most of the things we medicate ourselves for could be prevented with healthy diets, exercise (or being active in some way, not just formalized workouts), face-to-face human contact, and healthy outlets for artistic and literary expression. But all of that requires work. For instance, thousands of kids are over diagnosed with ADD and the like, but no one ever thinks that maybe these high numbers are really a new phenomenon because of the over stimulation provided to them. Very few of us think about all the crap on television and in our food may be the cause and fuel to the problem. The easy and quickest thing to do is to throw medicine at it, and continue to let children fill their brains and bodies with the mess that got them diagnosed in the first place.

    Is this to say that hundreds of years ago, people did not have the disorders and diseases that we have today? No. I'm sure a good number of people suffered from one soemthing or another, but there were also things like natural (or what is today called alternative) medicine to combat it. There was farming or hunting that kept people busy. There were actual communities where men and women socialized in groups, and where there were multigenerational family units living and working in one household.

    With the advent of all of our technology, services, and other diversions it's taking its toll. And as always there is someone (or many someones that make up a company) that is willing to make a profit from our woes.

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    A few years my husband had a heart attack, the Dr. gave him these pills ( with out his knowledge) to help him quit smoking, he thought that were pills for his heart. Me, who always has questions asked the Dr. what are these pills, he replied that they are anti-depressants but have been shown to help people stop smoking. What they don't tell us is they give people the urge to commit suicide! Needless to say my husband starting talking about killing himself and the pills got thrown away and the Dr. got cussed up one side and down the other. What gives these Dr's the right to give these pills to people with out telling them?

    Aren't shrinks supposed to prescribe these things and not a Cardiologist? I am so sick of these Dr's. doing what ever they want, they don't care as long as they get their $.

    I found a new Dr. and when I told him about this he said it's a growing problem, not just in our case but, all over the US, people are given these kinds of pills when they don't need them.

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    That's how companies make money. Some will do anything for money. Just because there's a pill for it, doesn't mean the pill will help you. Always ask you Doctor or Pharmacist.

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    They expect for everybody to have their daily dosage of STUPID PILLS..most of these drugs cause more problems than they fix. They do however kep doctor's pockets fat and the phamacutical companies filthy rich. Most are not educatd in the benefits of nutrition. Medicine has become Voodoo at the mercy of dictatorial Insurance companies out to make a buck. ! Whatever happened to "..physician do no harm?"

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    It's the people who have no mental strenght that take thsese things.. Im sure I'll get many thumbs down because my opinion is so harsh but it's how I feel. I don't take them and I have a tendancy to look at those who do as mentally WEAK. Same with those who have addictions and are not able to find in themselves the ability to just STOP!! They need another crutch to stop what they are addicted to. Replacing one with another...where does this make sense?

    Source(s): Im an OX
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