recover data from laptop hard drive. best buy wants 1700. anything cheaper or around northwest indiana?

I took my laptop in to bestbuy to fix my c.d panel. when i received the computer back the hard drive crashed. bestbuy said it could be due to shipping recovering lost data is 1700. ( i think they should pay it but i cant prove that it was their fault) it needs to be in a dust free environment. any at home visits or mom and pop shops that can do this type work for cheaper?

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    Here are some ADR data recovery locations in Indiana give them a call. Here is an online company

    and another good luck

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    Unlike a desktop where there are multiple places to install hard drives laptops only have one. If your hard drive failed you need a new one. Problem two the laptop drives use special cables which do not match a desktop hard drive. You may be able to go the the hard drive manufacture to obtain a cable adapter to install it in a desktop. Depending on the type of crash there may not be much data on the hard drive.

    First I would send the computer back to the manufacture and have them repair the Hard drive or replace it. It may be that the cables vibrated lose in transport and there is nothing wrong with the hard drive. If they have to replace it request the bad Hard drive back. Then if you have a desktop then see if the manufacture of the hard drive can provide you a cable to install it in your desk top and then you can find any files that may still be good.

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    To recover data from laptop, you do not need to go to best buy which is very expensive.

    Download file recover software, recommended one is asoftech data recovery program (simply because i was using it and it worked)

    Install and open the photo recovery program, select your drive, and click 'Next' button.

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    Another thing: whenever you bring stuff to others to fix, remove the hard drive and keep it if you want the info to stay on it. They should have drives on site they can use to fix your computer without hurting your data.

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    Best buy is such a rip off. Go to a local computer tech.

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    I've had good experiences with CBL data recovery. Much cheaper than the other guys.

  • You can find plenty of online service that charge less than $200.

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