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If an illegal is deported and leaves their child behind, shouldn't that be considered child endangerment?

That would help solve the problem of leaving the anchor babies behind.


James o ...you are the problem with this country.. as long as we have people like you, we will continue to go down hill.

Update 2:

Eddie...no one made them come here illegally

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    Nope, she could take him with her. She is the parent so he should go wherever she goes regardless of his citizenship. This is not her country. She can come back when she applies legally.

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    When people come to a country illegally and are willing to endanger their children -- even coming across a very dangerous border at 8-1/2 months pregnant just to drop the kid on U.S. soil so they can be U.S. Citizens, their motives absolutely and unequivocally must be questioned. If these people loved their children, they would not endanger their children by bringing them across the border illegally and they wouldn't put them in danger of separation by coming to the country illegally. A truly loving parent would never leave their child behind. I wouldn't leave my child behind, not for one second. Furthermore, I would want to ensure that I didn't break the law so that I wouldn't be separated from my child by law enforcement or DCFS. Every illegal immigrant who has had children on U.S. soil committed a premeditated act to perpetrate a fraud on the citizens of the USA. I don't believe the 1996 law that allows children born to immigrants on U.S. soil to be automatic citizens was meant to be used by lawbreakers. Fraudulent acts negates the legality of a contract and negates the legality of an action. Therefore, every illegal immigrant living in this country who has children for the purpose of anchoring them to the USA has committed a fraud and a perjury and has not only endangered their child, but is contributing to the delinquency of their children and is committing acts of insurrection and subversion to the USA and the laws of the land. These are heinous crimes and should never go unpunished.

    Leaving the child behind underscores the fact that the child was just a shill in an illegal act. No loving parent would leave their child behind and would die first.

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    In the same way that a person who is imprisoned for burglary has endangered their child when they are sent to prison.

    If someone steals money, a judge doesn't usually say "Oh, I guess I can't sentence this person to prison because it would be a hardship on their kids." But they DO consider that fact and may grant probation when passing sentence, especially if it is only for a petty, non-violent, or first offense.

    The broader issue is whether immigration judges CAN consider deportation of the parents an extremely unusual hardship on a US citizen and grant a stay of deportation (they usually do not have that authority now, unless the alien has been here 10 years) and does not mean that they should do so in every situation.

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    The child either gets to live with a qualifying in-country relative or is turned over to the state - where is the danger to the child?

    The jackpot baby "problem" is just a dismissable side-effect of maintaining what this country was founded on. Sure it pisses a lot of people off, but why are they mad, exactly? Are they somehow becoming disenfranchised? Or does it just irk them that somebody somewhere just might be getting away with something? :)

    Besides, I think anchors can only be Indian, Eskimo, Aleutian, or other aboriginal tribes.

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    Yes it should. But it is the agency that deports the parent that chould be charged with the crime, espeically in those cases where the parent is not allowed to take the child.

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    possibly it does not be as undesirable as toddler endangerment, (uncertain what the guidelines are because of the fact it incredibly is an unborn toddler) notwithstanding it could desire to be something like disorderly habit or public nuissance, or another potential community regulation. First step could be to call the DPW (Dept. of Public Works-or whoever does your plowing) and communicate to a supervisor. you will be able to additionally bypass suitable to the impressive of your community government and touch the county commissioner, or perhaps mayor. it incredibly is not suitable and it incredibly is gotta end. have you ever tried speaking to him approximately it?

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    firstly,who are the immigrants, my own defination of immigrants in this scenario are the less privilegd. when we talking about immigration in America,90% of white Americans are the immigrants in America.Now back tothe question, no body is an illegal to me, but the word illegal immigrants came from the selfish inest of developed nations like America.not just for America ,but any nation that deported or separate families,what they are doing is not just creating social disorder but driving us back to slavery by taking away children,spouse away from thier families. its all for economic reasons.

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    I don't think that will fix anything. What is will create is many more children in an already over-burdened foster care system. Most of these mothers would find it better to have their child raised as wards of the state in the US that to take them back to their country of origin. That was the reason they came here in the first place.

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    Hey,you STOP and stop it now before you "live"to regret it !

    .[1] In the early 1970s, the Aryan Brotherhood began working closely with the Mexican Mafia[2] and began focusing on drug trafficking and other economic activities.[1][2]


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    Yes, child endangerment, and abandonment. I would think the parents would then have given up all their rights and the child would become adoptable.

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