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I'm doing a research report on Russian government...?

What makes a Russian State?

How do citizens show approval of their government?

What is their economic system?

any other info would be greatly appreciated

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    Crime and endemic corruption rule supreme in the anachronism that is the Russian Federation. Russia is nominally a democracy, theoretically its citizens show approval and grant legitimacy to their government through elections. In reality, Russia is a neo-feudalistic oligarchy clinging to its authoritarian roots. In many municipalities the Russian army is essentially for rent. Russia's economic system is arguably a free-market economy after the economic shock therapy implemented by President Boris Yeltsin in the 90's. President Putin is undermining Russia's economic system by consolidating state control of the oil industry (i.e. the states acquisition of oil giant Yukos). Look up Gazprom, this state run oil giant is the key to modern Russian power.

    As for the Russian military, it is largely kept on life support with the petrodollars derived from Russia's oil wealth. Russia's foreign policy is also based on oil. Putin has also taken a liking to cutting off the oil supplies of the former Soviet republics in order to maintain suzerainty over Russia's 'near abroad'.

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    it was bought out by Zionist Oligarchs during the Yeltsin era.

    Putin's being trying to tackle the NWO since.

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