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i live on a street and i have a problem with noise pollution?

there is a mosque that keeps on praying very loudly. when i watch tv i can hear them and i have to put the volume loud. why is it then at a temple where i go you can never hear the priests chanting from a whole street away. i also have issues eating food whilst listening to them pray because i am not part of their religion nor do i want any part of it.

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    you must ask to local administration about emissions and imissions values, then ask to Environmental Protection Agency, about environmental facts monitored.

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    seems pretty obvious to me:

    1. move

    2. ignore it

    3. do something like a Walkman during those times

    4.leave during those times

    5.pray your own prayer during those times

    6.stop posting whiny questions about someone is isn't doing anything wrong . (sorry) and I am not muslim....

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Living on the street?

    where do you get your mail?

    where do you sleep? the curb?

  • Anonymous
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    Move, sounds like you live in a crappy neighborhood anyway.

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    Daily they pray five times- so please put walkman on your ears and listen the music which you like

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