I want to know my astrology?

my birth date is 02 10 1982

birth place is Ahmedabad (INDIA)

Birth time is 12:45 noon

And iam divorce 1month a go

Will i marry again? If yes then when

Will i get good life patner now?

Will i be mom one day?

I hav been cheated by my ex husband.And iam very deprees.Please help me.I hav no child.

How will be my coming time?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think in India, your calender starts with a day, followed by a month and a year format i.e dd/mm/yyyy while in USA its other way round mm/dd/yyyy. I think you were born on 2nd October 1982 and your astrology is Libra. But if you were born in February 10th 1982 then your astrology is Aquarius. Concerning marriage in India, I can't tell how your culture is there but the general thing is that you need time to heal. You should not rush into marriage before you laid all option on the table. Rushing into marriage will cause you the same fate and even ends up in abusive relationship. Indian culture are very unique depending which society you came from. I understand some, a father has to find you aman. while other depends on what job you do. while other you get assisted by your brother while others you have to find your own partner. I guess here you have to find a boyfriend. Date for while, Know who he is before you think about marriage.

  • 4 years ago

    Like Dechovka suggested, Astrology has been a brilliant help for me to appreciate myself and why I do what I do , i understand there is loose will in touch and that's not an excuse or clarification for something I quite have carried out yet nonetheless I have been given to appreciate i'm greater carriers to precise issues in this existence.It additionally help me attentive to my weak spot and ability pitfalls and additionally my strengths so i will make sturdy use of them. Astrology additionally enables me understand others better and the thank you to narrate to them . i'm religious in a feeling that I do persist with some buddha teachings. possibly I dont persist with them finished on now, yet nonetheless i attempt to hunt for contentment in myself. i'm additionally attempting to appreciate that specific issues in existence do not seem as they are, a brilliant variety of the time, I seek for for the authentic meaning at the back of each thing human beings say or do or how issues happen/finally end up the way they do . I even have self assurance in an more advantageous being ( not neccessarily The God that all of us understand approximately - guy, this one is one aggravated god - my way or the hight way street ) , this bigger being for me is nature and karma. i think there are issues that we won't clarify or take a carry. This bigger being is customary and us , as guy or woman person , is under pressure out or related to a minimum of one yet another this sort. i think interior the union of the souls. i think that we've many lives , while this existence ends, we can proceed to stay yet another one, thoroughly bodily separated of this existence, however the soul continues to be the comparable yet lay dormat/sub-concious and if we are fortunate, on occasion we could have a 2nd the place all of us understand we " have been there earlier " So in a fashion , spirituality and astrology is connected as each thing else interior the universe. to that end, the nodes have their place and additionally the moon and neptune , the 12th abode....if we are waiting to finished understand the 12th abode and its planets placements....i think of possibly shall we take a peek into our very own spirituality.

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    astrology is fun and sometimes it can make you feel good or that you are on the right track. But its not to be taken to the extend that you are looking for it to. We make our own desinty. but you can get a daily reading of all sorts and can ask questions for free, do not buy any thing just do all the free samples there are hundreds ok here is the website http://www.astrology.com/



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