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英文句子 結構唔明 (20分)

The sun shining through the leaves dappled the ground.

唔明shining點解唔係shone? 就算用shining前面又冇加was..

有人話shining through 係clause, 所以用shining through.. right?

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    shining through is present

    was shining through is past con.

    shone through is past pa.

    shining through is a clause (dependent clause) meaning something else has to be attached in order to make it a independent clause. but this has nothing to do with why is shining and not shone for the sentence.

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    To understand this sentence structure, you need to know the basic complete sentence structure first : That is Subject + Verb + object------ Notice that there should be only One verb in the sentence.

    In your sentence, the verb is " dappled" (according to Longman Contemporary Dictionary), so " shone" should not be used here.

    The sun shining through the leaves dappled the ground = The sun that shore through the leaves dappled the ground. In the second sentence, "that shore through the leaves" is an adjective clause, which is used to further describe the Subject (The sun).

    In conclusion, we do not use shore because there is a verb( dapple) in the sentence already. We then use adjective clause (that......) to give more information about the object. Good luck!!

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    Shining here is a present participle, which is the short form of " that shore".

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    We then use adjective clause (that shore = shining) to give more information about the Subject( The Sun).

    Source(s): Longman dictionary
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    純討論, 唔知o岩唔o岩! ^o^


    The sun shone through the leaves.

    The sun dappled the ground.



    咁o既情況, 唔可以兩個都用past tense,


    另外, shining through 係clause,

    佢係插入去The sun dappled the ground.呢句度o既



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