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send files

any ways to send a files which is a dozen of photos by email?

each photo is about 2.7mb

total 93.5mb.

i have tried to compress it by using winrar, but there is not much changes in the size

(it just put all the photos in a files ,convenient for u to send out)

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    There is no any mail program that will allowed you to send 90MB of data. The industrial practice of most common email programs is around 5MB per email.

    The reason is obvious:

    1. It takes up a huge amount of disk space on the mail server to store such email.

    2. It takes a considerably amount of time to transfer such a big volume of data.

    There is least effect on compressing photos as they are already in their compress form, such as jpg. Try to save the same photo in bmp format and you will see how big it is in its uncompressed format.

    One way to solve your problem is to upload the files to an FTP server and let your recipient download them from there.

    Another is to save the files on a CD and mail it physically to the recipient.

    Or, if your final purpose is just for viewing only and not for printing, try to shrink the size/resolution of the photo first before you send them in email. Of course, this will surely takes you a lot of time to do it.

    There is a small program that will shrink the photos in batch job, which would saves you a great deal of time. It is a command line program, a little bit tricky to use if you are not accustomed to typing commands. After all, it is toally FREE. You may download it here (you can search thru my previous answer for other comments on this product.)

    Hope this helps.

    2007-08-21 09:38:31 補充:

    Still another solution, you may upload your photo to those photo-sharing website, such as and let your recipient browse them there. They can also download the photo from there, too.

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