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用router後打吾到online game, my server cannot be joined 20pts!!!!

用router後打吾到online game

自從我用左router上網之後,就所有可以用ip join人地玩o既game都玩吾到

入吾到d fd 個server..好似aoc, football manager

I also cannot open server, others cannot come,

ETC, Generals Zero Hour, When I open server, it uses my fake ip, and the ther cannot join, how to solve?

請問大家可吾可以指點下我 有咩方法解決??

最好係詳細d 講個方法我聽,因為小弟的電腦知識不高.謝謝咁多位先

我係用netvigator 上網,router用緊dlink dl-504


I use to play general zero hour by direct connect(enter the others ip address)

But after I use the router, I cannot connect to the other and the server I created cannot be joined by the others, it reads connection timed out. I have tried DMZ, but it doesn't work.

My router is D-Link DI-504.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Login into your router and look for a tab with a name like, " Port Forwarding " or " Applications and Gaming ". Next, enter the desired ports, if your router asks you whether to open ports for TCP or UDP select both. The following is an example for

    Application...Start.........End......Protocol.....IP Address......Enable

    You can find your own IP Address thru cmd prompt by using ipconfig and you need to find out what port to be opened for Football Manager, AOC etc

    Hope this helps

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  • Wayne
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    Source(s): 部分係我自己,部分係網上
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