University of Essex 讀Linguistics好唔好架?!?!

想問下university of essex讀linguistics好唔好架?

佢地岩岩收左我讀yr 2


同埋若果我住係central london會唔會唔係幾好?!

係咪要搭train返學架? 會唔會一日得幾班車架?

我唔係好想住宿舍同好多人share toilet, bathroom & kitchen...


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    University of Essex is a RAE 5 score university and ranked no. 7 in the latest Good University Guide ( Should be a very good university.

    U of Essex is an hour's train from London (though trains are fairly frequent). Are you sure central London is your right choice?

    You should be living on Colchester campus. Choose single room with en suite bathroom (may be slightly more expensive than shared bathroom) and self catering.

    Forget about renting flats in London if you're serious about studying in U of Essex.

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