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    簡章在這邊 http://www3.stut.edu.tw/im/comepage/(96)%E7%A0%94%...

    考試科目為1.英文翻譯與寫作 2.面試

    參考書目 http://www.stut.edu.tw/adm/recruitstudent/upFiles/...

    1. J. C. Richards and T.S. Rodgers. (2001). Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching (2nd ed). Cambridge University Press

    2. Principles of language learning and teaching. (2000). (4th ed ) by Brown, H.D. Longman

    3. The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Cambridge University


    4. An Introduction to Language. (1998). (6th ed ) by Fromkin & Rodman (Crane Bookstore)

    5. Language Files (1998) (7th ed) by Cipollone, Keiser, & Vasishth (Bookman Books)

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