what is the difference between subconscious mind and subconsciousness.How subconscious mind is controlled.?

does Consciousness is also know as Chitta in Hindi .

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    There is conscious and unconscious. There is nothing called subconsciousness.

    There are two files in our mind. One is temporuary memory and other one is permanent memory.

    Whatever you want remember for the time being, it will be recorded in temporuary memory and those you want to have remembered always is stored in permanent memory. This permanent one is called subconscious mind.

    In the conscious mind it decides whether one act is good or bad.

    Whereas all the strong desires that we wanted to attain unconsciously or consciously goes into the subconscious mind, but it has no capacity to differentiate between good and bad.

    It will try to do whatever you have put in subconscious mind.

    A normal person cannot control over it.

    This subconscious mind is connected with superconscious or universal mind where all thoughts of all human being are recorded.

    Say you want to realise god, you go on repeat thinking about it, then it goes to subconscious mind, it starts acting according your wish and search for all the possibility of finding a guru or master to help you. You need not to do anything.

    That is why repetition of some mantra with particular purpose is prescribed in Hinduism.

    How to control this subconscious mind.

    First we shoould have a calm mind through meditation, pooja, Bhajans.

    Next watch your mind continously & consciously without getting attached to it.

    This is called cleansing your mind.

    Whatever you have accumulated in this life and previous lives will come out. You will know what are all thoughts to be retained and cleared.

    Slowly your subconscious mind will be empty or with very few good thoughts.

    Now you have controlled the subconcious mind.

    In this stage whatever you wanted to do it will be done immediately. Here all the miracles starts happening.

    Still we have to go long away to realise god.

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    1 decade ago

    Sub-Conscious or inner mind, the subconsciousness is the memory stored in the S-C mind. Would be like Chitta in a sense. You use your consciousness to communicate with others. Your memory is stored in your S-C., you have access to most of your memory, but some is blocked from you.

    I hope I have not confused you................Good Luck

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  • Chitta is Consciousness.

    Even after the death it leaves.

    We have to burn it along with the body.

    That`s why the pyre is "chita"

    Subconscious is Meru.

    The whole mountain.

    The top of that mountain is Chitta.

    Meru must not establish on the ground of mind.

    Otherwise we can not churn the ocean of mind.

    That`s why the Vishnu (devotion) became Kurma.

    Ego is the Snake.

    By producing Amritha we can controle ourselves

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is conscious mind and what we do in our day-today life is decided by the conscious mind. It has the capacity to decide good or bad, to do or not to do. Conscious mind can exercise choice of action. Whereas sub-conscious mind has no choice, it works like a computer, if u press a wrong key, though inadvertently it will record the same. It is concerned with ur thoughts and words and both are recorded in ur sub-conscious mind as they are. These thoughts and words will manifest in ur life in the form of events as u have sown the seed for the same. That is why with every action in life the thought also plays and important part and the results of ur karma are the combined effect of thought and deed. For controlling sub-conscious mind, give auto suggestions of the things u want in ur life and these should be affirmative for positive results. Whenever a negative thought or word u utter , immediately cancel the same and invoke positive energy to fill the gap created by removal of negativity. Always remain alert to ur inner conversation as ur sub-conscious is recording every minute all ur thoughts and words and u will have to face life accordingly. I hope this will help u, if u need it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Subconsciousness is where the Subconscious mind dwells. Some think that the Subconscious mind is connected with the Akashic, or library of ultimate knowledge, and it is through this connection that we attain enlightenment.

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  • 4 years ago

    Affirmations, giving suggestions to the mind is effective. It can increase the confidence level. Chanting Mantras is an ignorant exercise and have no good results for the thinking people. It is a time pass for the elder people, keep them engaged in something and hence avoid bad thoughts.

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    1 decade ago

    You might get some more educated answers if you ask this question in the psychology section. Personally, I've never been a big fan of the idea of the subconscious mind...id, ego, superego...all that rubbish...Freud sucks. :D

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Subconcious is our link to the Holy Spirit.

    Conscious is the Holy Spirit filtered thru an animal brain

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  • 1 decade ago

    subconscious connected with feelings that influence your behaviours even though you are not aware of them and when subconsciousness you are in coma.

    certain mind memory are not working so not in controlled.


    Source(s): self study
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  • 1 decade ago

    God is consciousness, both in -within & beyond creation.

    We are not aware of body/mind while in sleep.

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