Wats a good website to go to look/buy nice but reasonable priced furniture?

im saving up money to get my own place in about january but i want to start buying my furniture. wheres a good place to start looking. im on a budget for 5,000 includes the bed frame, living room set wit coffee table and a kitchen table

anything is helpful, thanx

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    i would say ikea....cheap, nice, decently strong

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    Definitely IKEA... I love their stuff, especially if you're just starting out... Although you can buy online, if you can get to one of their stores, it's even more fun, as they're set up all over the store as if you're walking thru people's rooms.... Just like in a magazine. And they have great deals! The furniture is quite sturdy, too. Oh... and in the stores, they always have a section for end-of-line items that are inexpensive and slightly damaged goods... You'll be amazed at what you find.

    Here's the link:


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    For your upholstered pieces, try Home Reserve... http://homereserve.com/.

    Sofas from $299... Loveseats from $239... Chairs from $179 & Ottomans @ $79.

    From their website:

    >> "100 premium fabric selections with pet-proof and washable options

    >> Hidden built-in storage compartments to help keep things tidy

    >> Replaceable cover sets for refreshing and stunning color make overs

    >> Simple delivery — everything ships UPS.

    >> Tested and durable, furniture has a five-year warranty.

    Browse the site and see why Woman’s Day, HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens all agree that there’s a new economical way to add comfortable, elegant sofas and couches to your home. "

    Hope this helps,

          TX Griff

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    Occasionally, I find a great buy on Overstock, gotta love the discounts and the almost free and sometimes free shipping costs.

    I purchased a bed frame and a mahoghany cabinet there.

    Another consideration is nextag, they do a comparison between multiple vendors to identify your lowest prices.

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    There are many great websites online for finding reasonably priced, high quality furniture: furniture.com, ikea.com, everything furniture.com, ashleyfurniture.com, thomasville.com, perfect-coffee-tables.com and more. Try searching on google.com for more great sites. Just make sure to stick with name brands and from sites that have good return/refund policies.

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    its good for u to visit on this site

    u can buy the fine furniture from this site


    best of luck

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    Try Ikea, if you don't mind assembling stuff yourself. You can't beat the style and price.

    Source(s): http://www.ikea.com/us/en/ is their web site.
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