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Teeth Whitening with fillings?

I have tooth-colored fillings on the front of my two front teeth. I also have a ton of metal fillings. Is it safe to whiten my teeth? What would be the best way to do so in my situation?

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    I am aCDA ( Cerdified Dental Assistant) If you want to whiten your teeth and have composite fillings on # 's 8 and 9 you need to talk to your dentist first - because when you whiten them the fillings will not take the whiting - they will stay the color they were before - and you will have to have the old fillings removed after you whiten you teeth and have new composite fillings put in their place - I don't know how old you are or what your feelings are about metal fillings or amalgum

    fillings ( probably in your molars ) but if I were you I would ask to have composite ( tooth color ) filllings placed in my teeth

    and have the old amalgum fillings removed - they will look so

    much niced if you plan to whiten you teeth - whten first then replace fillings with composite - bkspikes

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    You can use the Crest White Strips, but it will not change the color of the bonding (also called tooth colored fillings). As a result your teeth may end up lighter than the filling, unless of course the teeth are darker than the filling and your are trying to make the teeth whiter to match the filling. Typically you whiten first and then place the filling after. They will be able to redo the filling to match the new shade, but unfortunately it will cost money and take time...As for the metal fillings, most whitening products only do the teeth closer to the front on the front (not chewing) surfaces. As another poster noted, at some point you may want to change those fillings to white colored as well...

    Hope that helps!

    JAMRDH -a dental hygienist

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    I am having my teeth whitened and had a white filling replaced in my front tooth before the whitening process started. It would also depend on the extent your own teeth have become stained eg if they look darker than the false tooth and you want them the same colour as that tooth you would not need a replacement. On the other hand have your teeth whithened and get the replacement afterwards. I have noticed a huge difference since I started and will be having a false front tooth to replace my own tooth that is dead. Good luck if you decide to get it done. I feel much more confident about smiling now.

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    I have tooth-colored filling in one of my front teeth because I broke it when I was younger.

    And I whiten my teeth with the crest white strips and it's fine.

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    its safe to whiten your teeth

    jus do it normally

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    I am sure if you phoned the secretary of your dentist, she could give you a better answer than any guesses from Yahoo.

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