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Do leon Spain have stuff like in U.S?

I was wondering if Spain have stuff like Dove face wash...idk..cosmetic stuff?? see...i'm going to live in Spain for a year and I don't want to carry all those supplies for a year to spain if leon have the stuff that I need. thank you so much!!!! :)

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    You definitely get Dove in Spain (same name) and quite a lot of other stuff too, like Palmolive shower gel and Pantene shampoo. Try in Carrefour, they have quite a lot of British/American supplies.

    Source(s): I live in Spain.
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    Yes you can buy all the major cosmetic stuff over their. Some of the names are slightly different but you'll recognise the packaging. Hope this helps.

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    Yes all Europe has Dove and everything else you have.It maybe

    a different name.But it's the same.

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