I'm planning on putting up lattice around my air conditioning unit...?

How much room do I need to leave around it? Also, which side should I put the door on (in case it needs to be worked on)?

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    I would probably make all of the lattice panels removable. As a past HVAC tech, I have found that certain service calls require that you remove more than just the main service panel. Just screwing the panels together with decently long drywall screws should be adequate. make sure you leave at least eight to ten inches of breathing space around the perimeter of the unit. While the fan blows the warm air up, it has to draw that air from the sides across the condenser coil.

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    Lattice on the sides should have little effect, if the fan blows from the top. As a guess, I'd leave 6" spaces. Lattice won't block any air. If on the top, leave more space.

    The door should be located at the access to the AC panel.

  • 1 decade ago

    You want to leave at least 3 feet or so between unit and lattice. Do this for a couple of reasons. #1 you want to have room for the unit to exhaust the heat away from the unit. and #2 you want room for tech to get in and work on unit..

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