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Flute Music for Texas Region Audition...?

Does any one know where I could find a recording of Joachim Andersens C# Minor, Sigfrid Karg-Elert's A-flat Major, or Theobold Boehms Gminor for flute? I am practicing my music for region and it would be nice to have a recording to listen to just to make sure i have all my rhythms right....


The only other thing on the music are these numbers im not really sure what they mean but im sure one of u smart people does, Andersen is Op. 21/10, Karg-Elert is Op. 107/17, and Boehm is Op. 26/6

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All three are recorded on one CD that you can only order directly from Jordan Sound Inc.

    Ask for Gary Jordan at 903-894-3272.

    Musician, composer, teacher.

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  • CubCur
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    1 decade ago

    Emily, it would help folk to respond if you specified for each composer *what* works in those keys you mention you're looking for? Meanwhile, to get you started, here are the complete recordings of Andersen on the Danish label Danacord:


    Thanks for your supplementary. I find I've answered the Karg-Elert once before, and I'd hazard Mamianka's suggestion (scroll down) is still your best bet, practically speaking:

    And it's just as valid for the other pieces you're looking for. I have checked, but études and 'caprices for solo flute' like this just don't make it to the recording studio, even *very* little ones... <g> Mamianka's advice remains the best, just as I said way back when... :-/

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try calling Southern Music Company in San Antonio at 210-226-8167 and ask for the UIL Contest Department -- they may be able to help you locate recordings.

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