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Have you, as a Muslim man/woman ever converted a non-Muslim into Islam and if so how did you feel afterwards?

I.e. Rewarding/ Blessing from Allah

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    Well my aim is not to convert any non-muslim to Islam but my duty towards all is to share qualities of Islam and many of non-muslims liked it and were deeply impressed.

    I don't know what happened afterwards whether they embraced Islam or not. It is none of my business, since I never intend to.

    My job is to tell the people how beautiful Islam is..........since ............

    " Invite (people) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful Preaching, and argue with them in the best ways."--Quran [16:125]

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    I knew someone at work who converted. She was converted by a pakistani family who kept her and then showed her 10 guys from pakistan to marry. This put her off and I felt sorry for her. I'm not a strong mulim, but I didn't want her to turn away with the wrong idea of islam and muslims so I tought her basics of what women should/shouldn't do gusl/wuzu/halal/haram etc.

    I felt I wasn't strong enough for her and felt ashamed. I felt she was in 2 minds about converting. So I searched for a women who once converted to Islam from Christianity and foound that she teaches new converts in sessions. I left her there praying to Allah that she finds the right path of what she wants to do in life and this way I felt that the teacher could share and experience or perhaps and understand my friend and what shes thinking or going through, which was something I couldn't understand.

    I haven't seen her since as we lost numbers, but pray that she is well and find happiness. I felt like I failed and gained nothing as my problem was that I wasn't a strong muslim. So I don't feel very good. She didn't learn much from me but I learnt alot from myself that I was a weak muslim and worked on myself afterwards.

    ACTUALLY!!!!! If I think of it deeper now and I mean just now!!!! I haven't been able to have children for 5 years or so and in January this year I did get pregnant and still maybe this is my reward? who know except the Almighty?

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    Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim - In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    Hello. Well, it is only Allah who guides but sometimes He allows one of His servants to have a part in helping someone become Muslim.

    I was blessed to be able to talk to a lady who was married to a Muslim. Her husband was Egyptian like mine and a mutual friend introduced us because she was wanting to learn more about Islam. We met and talked and later she called me a couple of times to discuss some points about which she was confused. A few weeks later, though she didn't really know me that well, she invited me to come to the Islamic center with her and her family to witness her Shahadah, her declaration of faith. I am proud to have had some small part in her decision.

    The beauty of Islam is that any reward I receive from Allah for that will always increase. It's like multi-level marketing for the soul. So since she is Muslim I will inshAllah get a reward for any part I played. And now she is teaching her children Islam so I will get part of that reward, and if Allah willing her kids have kids and they are Muslim, all the way down to the end of time, I will have a reward from that. It is truly humbling and it is a blessing from Allah that knows no bounds. And Allah knows best.

    Fi Aman Allah,

    Nancy Umm Abdel Hamid

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    Alhamdulillah (praise God), it's happened to me a number of times, that I was able to help non-Muslims make the decision to revert to Islam. Of course, the experience of being there when the decision is made is exalting. Everybody's in tears--tears of joy!

    We have to remember that guidance is entirely from Allah, and it is by His decision alone that we are able to witness such a wonderful event.

    Source(s): I Want to embrace Islam but ... A beginner’s short course on Islam Dawah: Calling people to Islam Br. Dawood Warmsby audio lecture Misconceptions about Islam Islam and Tolerance Cat Stevens on Islam and Tolerance Islam and peace A beautiful website with lots and lots of materials/audios/videos for dawah.... -- Questions about Islam -- Fitrah: Human nature -- The Islamic model of forgiveness
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    ummm nicely 3 human beings i understand have converted interior the final 2 months. They converted yet arent't rather appearing Islamically. It became in trouble-free terms for his or her boyfriends. they shop coming to communicate to me approximately it on account that they understand i went thrugh differences too yet i definitely dont think of they're being serious with the kinda issues they're nonetheless doing each and daily. in trouble-free terms Allah (swt) is familiar with. even nevertheless, I even have one buddy who's looking into it and is heavily thinking. She has already replaced alot of her strategies! Inshallah Allah (swt) will handbook her to the excellent course. thats approximately it. :)))))))

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    inshallah allah will hopefully give me the oppurtunity to do this aas it carries great rewards but i have taught one or two how to read the salah

    may allah make us all better muslims and give us the strength to carry on

    Source(s): one damn proud muslim
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    i was born a muslim and i love it. my dad has helped 2 men convert to islam

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    i wish i could get the chance to do something as rewarding in this lifetime.

    I try to explain Islam to other people, to those who want to find out and appreciate and tolerate other religions.

    I spread the message of Islam as much as i can to others and help people to understand what Islam is about.

    InshaAllah people are beginning to understand and they take a broader interest in this beautiful religion.

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    Well it seems ok for you to try and convert non muslims, and the person converting wont get killed for it. HOWEVER, if a muslim converts away from islam, they become an apostate, and are killed. That shows the utter hypocrisy of islam.

    Islam is mainly spread by high birth rate, not conversion. In the past, people were forced to convert, nowdays only losers who are insecure or easily brainwashed convert to islam.

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    I'm not sure actually. I'm not into the whole evangelizing thing, but I do my part with dawa. My scarf is part of that. I have people that will ask me about it sometimes - they are curious - and I appreciate the questions. I have others who ask about my religion in general. You never know if this leads their eyes being opened. I feel good letting people know that I'm not oppressed, and I love it when those with questions come to me instead of simply staring or giving dirty looks. :)

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