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我想珍惜 不想失去

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    Why bother obstrcuting me?

    I love her so much like this.

    Can't I seriously like her?

    For love,no matter who the other one is.

    I would give everything up for her.

    Why bother stopping me?

    I really love her like this.

    I wanna cherish it, and I don't wanna lose it.


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    why must i be stopped??

     我是如此的愛她 i have devoted my love to her

    難道我不能愛她嗎?can not i love her?

    戀愛是不分誰是誰的 the love affair should not be separated into piece

    為了她我可以不要一切 i am willing to give up everything just for her

    為什麼阻止我 i dont want to be stopped

    我是如此的愛她 love her so much

    我想珍惜 不想失去 i want to treasure dnot want to lose her

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    Why has to obstruct me

    I am like this love her

    Can't I love her?

    Who is the love is not divided is whose

    In order to her I may not want all

    Why prevents me

    I am like this love her

    I want to treasure do not want to lose


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    Why obstruct me, I love she like this, can I love her? It is in love what has been divided who is who,for she me may mustn't all why it stop by I? I am loving her like this. It is treasured that let me see Do not want to lose

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    Why want Zu Rao me

    I am thus to love her

    Difficult way can't I love her?

    Don't dividing into is in love with who is who

    For the sake of she I can don't everything

    Why obstruct me

    I am thus to love her

    I want to cherish not to want to lose .

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