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    I'm happy to know that you have confirmed the returning time, but it's too bad that you are not bring your computer with you. Although I'm going back to Taiwan, I'm still hoping to keep in touch with you by e-mail. About the time, if you feel more convenient in the weekday afternoon, night, or weekend, I can always match my time with it.(這段有點小問題...既然要靠email來聯絡...那應該是不用擔心時間問題...單純譯者想法) By the way, I will bring some Taiwanese style food ingredients with me when I come back. Do you wish to get the food that's been made already, or just the ingredient and the recipe? If the former, I will have to cook the food first. Let me know what you would like to have.

    Oh and, I always wanna ask if you have found a new home. You said you are moving a while ago, how's the progress? If you need any help, I'm willing to give a hand. Don't be shy to ask. Last night I went to a club in 六本木 (地名譯者無法翻譯...), and some of your Switzer friends came too. We should go together next time~~

    There are some pictures of me going to the beach attached with this letter. I really love to go to the beach, but I always get burned and peeled skin. This time I decided to try surfing when I get back to Taiwan, I will let you know how it is after...



    exp. I decided to try surfing <== 這邊我並沒提到第一次,可是try這自本身就告訴讀者這是第一次。

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    It is great to know that you have confirmed your return schedule. However, I am kind of disappointed that you won't have your notebook with you because I like to keep in touch with you via email when I am in Taiwan.

    I am free at any time. Please let me know when is better for you. I will bring some ingredients for the Taiwanese dishes. You prefer me to cook the dishes for you or to show you how to do the dishes. I will need a kitchen to cook the dishes for you. Let me know what you prefer.

    By the way, you have mentioned you like to move out your place. I am wondering if you have found your new home yet. If you need any help for the moving, I am available for it. Please free feel to ask.

    Last night I went to a club in 六本木 with your Swiss friend. Maybe we can hang out together next time.

    I have attached my pictures, which were taken in a beach. I love beach. However, I always got sun burn after it. I decide to have my first surfing in Taiwan. I will let you know how it goes.

    請下次要寫明前後文跟去哪在哪之頪的. 文章才能翻譯的完整哦.. 在用詞方面也會因交情不同而用不同的寫法哦.. 謝謝.

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    六本木 = Ryobonki

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