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How do drugs get into the US prison system?

How do prisoners get access to drugs? How are they smuggled in?

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    The guards/officers are the least means of drug introduction. Granted, it does take place and they are usually caught within a short period of time. Should it be a "sworn" peace officer, the courts will fry that officer like a cheeto! Cop's don't relish the idea of "walking the yard" as a state resident.

    Here are some of the more popular way they are introduced.

    #1 means: VISITORS. Visitors are the number one way drugs are brought in. Those coming to visit the inmates will secrete the drugs in various body cavities (90% of the time it's women), use your imagination. They will even use their babies and toddlers as the mule. They carry it in on their person (usually inside a body cavity, even with the kids), and retrieve it in the bathroom once inside visiting. As for using the kid's, they feed them a laxative just prior to showing up to visit and retreive it from the diaper. Then they place it either in their mouth, or somewhere on their body and attempt to pass it to the inmate when they get back in the visiting room.

    Fruit doesn't fall far from a tree. A large percentage of the visitors are of the same cut of cloth as those they visit. They just haven't been caught yet.

    There are various way's the pass is completed. Some will try to pass it while kissing or holding hands. Some will slip it inside a food product and the recipient eats the balloon with the food. Just about any method you can think of to pass drugs has been tried.

    #2. Outside work crews. Through pre-planning a drop is made to a specified location. When the outside work crew shows up the item is retreived and kiestered...stuffed up the o'l kazoo.

    #3. The mail, as mentioned above.

    #4. Quarterly Packages or other packages sent to inmates via family members, in those states that still allow it. Just about anything inside that package could be used to hide drugs. Inside the waistband of clothing to opened and resealed packages of food. You can shove a lot of tar heroin inside a Ho-Ho, or cocaine inside a Splenda pack.

    #5. Lawyers/legal representatives. Yes there are dirty lawyers who use client confidentiality for illegal purposes. Some have even sent drugs inside what's known as "Legal Mail", which is hand delivered and opened only in the presence of the inmate. Pretty stupid considering the legal firms, and or the attorney is listed on the mails return address.

    #6. Free Staff. compromised free staff will wind up dragging it in. Usually they did something wrong and the inmate will threaten the person to either do things for them or else be snitched on. Once they discover they can manipulate this person it often results in either sexual favors or muling in dope.

    Even at the county level a person can be stripped out during intake and visually examined. The probable cause is needed for a physical cavity search and is to be accomplished by a medical doctor. There is a BIG difference between a strip search and a cavity search.

    There are a multitude of ways drugs and other contraband can be introduced into a prison. The above are the predominant ways drugs are typically brought in. Anybody with a level of imagination and curiosity can sit down and think of way's to get things into a prison or jail. But keep in mind the officers and guards are very much aware of the subtle ways too.

    Source(s): cop x 30 years, and still on the job.
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      This is an excellent response but I don't believe the guards and staff are that innocent. There's multiple articles that implicate them as the primary source.

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database :
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    Was told by an authority that drugs are commonplace in jails such as in L.A., they come in via employees and volunteers...the jails have only glass partition visits. From jail, drugs are taken into the courts! It's high time they put a stop to this evil they are allowing. They can stop it with checks like at airports, it doesn't take rocket science so there are NO exuses!

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    Unfortunately some guards do sneak it in for money but most of them get drugs by simply hiding it on their person. Unfortuantely the law now prevents strip searches prior to trial unless there is reasonable suspicion. They claim these people are pre-trial detainees and since they are innocent until proven guilty it is a violation of their privacy. I think it's the stupidest thing ever because these people can be hiding anything on their person to include weapons.

    Source(s): I used to be a corrections officer
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    Yes they are passed through via the mail. Detention officers can't open every piece of mail.

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    rouge guards is a source. also the mail. i watched lockup once and they were showing a guard checking a tottally innocent looking card that had paint on it. the paint actually had meth crystals on it. so imagine the stufff that gets thru.

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    Libby took us to war? That's news.

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    The cops bring them in. LOL!

    Though that may be true. They may get them from visitors also. That about all I can think of.

    Also carrier pigeons.

  • Guards.

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