Sex sex baby?

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my sister is 13 and complaning about not having sex yet!! waht shold i say to her!!
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She's 13. Why does she want to grow up so fast? Having sex is very emotional, you don't want to just do it with anybody. Is she ready to become a parent? Hello you can get pregnant your first time. If she is serious about having sex though I would get her on some sort of birth control immediately.

Teach her about Sexually Transmitted Diseases, if she contracts something its isn't garanteed its treatable. I mean lessen the symptoms yes, but cure it completely good luck. Educate her. Thats all I can really say.

And having a baby isn't easy. I mean that means no more going out with friends (if you still have any), if you do you have to hire a babysitter. Every second of you day belongs to that child. The baby will always come first. She's gotta realize that she can't just go out and buy whatever she wants, because the baby's needs come first. No more sleeping in.

On another note, the father doesn't always stick around. So have fun tracking him down to help you out with the kid. Baby's are expensive and at 13 you are not financially secure to have a child. You can't even get a full time job at 13!

Sex lasts a minute, and its seriously over-rated. Why does she want to have sex? Because all her friends are? Besides wouldn't she rather wait and give her virginity to the man she truely loves. Besides losing it at 13 is going to get her a BAD label. Boys won't respect her for who she is, they will just see her as an easy lay.

Educate her and sex comes with a lot of emotions. I truely believe it is impossible to just have sex and have it mean nothing. Everytime you have sex you are giving a piece of you to that person. It is an emotional experience.

If you lose it to the wrong person you are going to regret it and frankly you can't get it back. Wait until you are emotionally and financially ready for the responsibilities that come with sex.

At 13 you should be picking out what movie you and your friends are going to see, not the diapers your child is going to wear.


My neighbour got pregnant at 13 and I had to watch her give up her whole life to this child. Her mom and grandma helped her out as much as they could, but she still had no life. Even though her baby is 8 years old now she still doesn't have the privillage of going out with her friends and partying all night. She has to look out for her son too.
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  • tim answered 1 month ago
    Tell her she's to young and explain to her about the pain of the first time


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  • BroncosGirl6 answered 7 years ago
    tell her she's waaay too young to even think about having sex. tell her about pregnancies and all the STDs you can contract from other people (especially the life threatening ones). tell your mom if it get's too serious.
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  • Ray Lin answered 4 weeks ago
    never have sex
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  • emyers1981 answered 7 years ago
    These old school bits of advice are good, but not as useful as they once were. I'd still talk to her about the STD's and pregnancy, but I feel that those two things alone don't pack the punch they used to. Just tell her that she has plenty of time to have sex, and that if she wants it to be all that it can be she'll wait for the right time. When is the right time?

    The whole sex until marriage thing was good about a decade or two ago, but it's out of date. At one time marriage was this very big thing, sex unified it, and it lasted until death do they part. Now with marriages ending in most occassions with divorce, marriage isn't what it used to be. So instead of pushing to wait until marriage, I'd say wait until you find that guy that you don't just like or care for, but one that she loves. One that she couldn't see herself going on without. That is more realistic than waiting for a marriage that statistically speaking will not make it past around 5 years.
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  • fame_chico answered 7 years ago
    educate her in the subject so if she does go out and haves sex she can know how to be safe
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  • jus2much answered 7 years ago
    She is way to young and why would she be complaining ask someone older to talk to her she has all the time in the world to have sex when she is older be a kid I had asked my husband what he would tell his girls if they wanted to have have sex or anything like that and he alwasy told me if you like diamonds treat your body like one and you would never give your diamonds to anyone enless they mean the world to you . try that hope it helps
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  • lovin him answered 7 years ago
    tell her that its not good to have sex before you get married. 13 is too young to loose your virginity
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