Why should i tip?

plz explain why we tip? or should
Update: yeah but even if they dont make that much money why is that my fault why should i have to pay them they dont work for me..does any one get where im coming from? and im not cheap im just wondering.. cuz now dayz it seems u gotta tip every one its crazy i dont even know who to tip now days
Update 2: and im a bartender part time and i dont really like getting tips even if im nice and do a good job i look at it as they paid for thier drinks why should they pay me
Update 3: and i didnt ask how much they make i really dont care if they make 3$ an hour thats thier choice plus walmart gives good service some times they do more work then the pizza guys or waitresses do i tip them? so plz dont tell me its cuz they dont make that much money..and why not just say thanks???
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