Spiders coming from?

My bathroom is full of spiders! My problem isnt killing them, but finding out where they are coming from.Someone once told me that if there is a funny smell in a room and it doesnt seem to go away then you could have cockroaches living in your vents. So my first question:

1) Like cockroaches, I wanted to know if its possible for the spiders to creep into my bathroom from the vents?

Or, the second possibility...

My bathroom is over the garage and it is very humid there so my second question:

2) Could the spiders or even other bugs be crawling upward from the garage because it is too humid?

If you have any other suggestions as to how the spiders are coming in (besides cracks and holes in the house), i would appreciate your input. =)

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    Spiders may enter houses and other structures through cracks and other openings. They also may be carried in on items like plants, firewood, and in boxes. Regular vacuuming or sweeping of windows, corners of rooms, storage areas, basements, and other seldomly used areas helps remove spiders and their webs. Vacuuming spiders can be an effective control technique because their soft bodies usually do not survive this process. Indoors, a web on which dust has gathered is an old web that is no longer being used by a spider.

    Individual spiders can also be removed from indoor areas by placing a jar over them and slipping a piece of paper under the jar that then seals off the opening of the jar when it is lifted up.

    To prevent spiders from coming indoors, seal cracks in the foundation and other parts of the structure and gaps around windows and doors. Good screening not only will keep out many spiders but also will discourage them by keeping out insects that they must have for food.

    In indoor storage areas, place boxes off the floor and away from walls, whenever possible, to help reduce their usefulness as a harborage for spiders. Sealing the boxes with tape will prevent spiders from taking up residence within. Clean up clutter in garages, sheds, basements, and other storage areas. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid accidental bites.

    Outdoors, eliminate places for spiders to hide and build their webs by keeping the area next to the foundation free of trash, leaf litter, heavy vegetation, and other accumulations of materials. Trimming plant growth away from the house and other structures will discourage spiders from first taking up residence near the structure and then moving indoors.

    Outdoor lighting attracts insects, which in turn attracts spiders. If possible, keep lighting fixtures off structures and away from windows and doorways. Sweep, mop, hose, or vacuum webs and spiders off buildings regularly. Insecticides will not provide long-term control and should not generally be used against spiders outdoors.

    Sorptive dusts containing Diatomaceous earth or amorphous silica gel, a natural product composed of silicon dioxide, may be useful in certain indoor situations. Particles of the dust affect the outer covering of spiders (and also insects) that have crawled over a treated surface, causing them to dry out. When applied as a dustlike film and left in place, a sorptive dust provides permanent protection against spiders. The dust is most advantageously used in cracks and crevices and in attics, wall voids, and other enclosed or unused places.

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    I live where there are lots of spiders Black Widows are everywhere and I am deathly afraid of them. Not to mention I was bit by a Black widow it is not something I ever want to experience again, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Go to Big Lots, Kmart, Walmart any store that has automotive supplies and buy this stuff it's called B.B. Blaster Penetrate it's in a small white & yellow spray can, spray this outside the parimitor of your patio front door, flower gardens, just spray a line around your living area, I guarantee you will not see another spider for at least 6 months. Trust me, I havn't seen a spider in months but all my neighbors complain about them all the time. Remember B.B. Blaster Penetrate it's the best, twice a year is all I spray. Good Luck.

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    Wow I think Lori gave you plenty of good advice I was just gonna say call an exterminator!!! They will spray and the spiders will be gone for about a year. I had that problem at one time. We have them spray once a year and the spiders haven't been back since!

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    I read once that you are never more than 6 feet from a spider. So..... good luck getting rid of them.

    You might try spraying some insecticide in the garage around any cracks or pipes that go up through the ceiling.

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    No sure way to keep them out, I'm afraid. I do so hate them! I also hate chemicals. I have a spray bottle fill 2/3 w/water, 2 cloves of garlic, 1squirt of dish soap, the rest with vinegar. Let set for 24 hours. Spray around windows, doors, baseboards.

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    Spiders spawn in bathtub drains. Always leave about an inch of water in the bottom of the tub because they can't swim.

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