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Is it legal to own a venomous snake?

What are the requirements for owning a venomous snake? Is a license required? Where could I find more information on this? If it's different in each state, where could I find each state's guidelines?


I'm not going to get one anytime soon. I am just curious. I might however, get a Colombian Red-Tailed Boa.

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    Since those fanatic snake handling churches keep them, I wouldn't see why you couldn't.

    Probably not *illegal*, but probably not a stroke of brilliance either ;)

    Check with the parks and wildlife office in your county.

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    Well, first of all, it depends on the laws in your state when it comes to owning venomous snakes. I recommend calling your local ASPCA or Wildlife Conservation for that particular info.

    If you do get one, I also recommend having a professional extract the venom. I'm preeeeetty sure that the venom regenerates every certain amount of days/weeks/etc., but it'll be different for all snakes. I've seen non-venomous snakes bite or try to squeeze someone when they feel threatened (whether it's their owner or someone who comes over to the house and tries picking it up), so you really would want to do that.

    I've seen venomous snakes that bite after their venom is extracted, too, and that can still really hurt. Like...really. Have you seen the teeth on some of these things? For your own safety, you should probably have something done about its fangs. I know it may sound cruel, but having them filed (while the snake is fully sedated, of course) or pulled might be a good idea.

    I used to want a pet rattlesnake (don't ask me why because I really don't know) until I realised just how much more work would go into it. Not just work, but trust. I mean, you can pretty much be assured that a non-venomous snake won't be able to kill you unless you lay there and let it strangle you to death, but it's more than a bit of a crap shoot with these sorts of things.

    With that said, I wish you luck and I hope you find the snake you want. Snakes are honestly my favourite animals in the world and they're great pets to have. Unless you have, like, small animals running around and it likes to eat that sort of thing. I've got three cats, a bird, a medium-sized dog, and two big dogs. I'm not getting a snake for quite some time, obviously.

    I just thought of something'd have to find a place that'd actually, um, sell you one. Legally. That'll probably be the most difficult part, actually.

    Good luck and do more research beyond what I've said because I don't know even most of what there is to know about this sort of thing. :P

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    Venomous snake are just that venomous. Before you purchase one make sure you have all your emergency contacts in a spot you could reach them close to your snake's habitat.

    Also if you are a first time snake owner it is REALLY not a good idea to get one. Remember with venomous snakes it is not a matter of IF it bites you, but WHEN. Finally check your local regulations on venomous snakes by state, county, town, and city levels because your neighbors will flip when they find out about the snake and may be able to bring you up on charges of breaking some local ordinance or law.

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