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NCAA Football 2008?

I was actually wondering if anyone had any secrets on how to play good and what is a way that I can get better.I mean is there a certain way or certain plays that I should do in order to be better?I was wondering was is the secret to sucess and any answer would be very helpful to myself.

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    Practice all the time thats the only way to get better.

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    Keep playing opponents online you will lose about 7 times but 8th time will be the charm because your practice on the internet and calling plays 2 recievers 2 tight ends 1 runningback run or pass 3 recievers 1 tight end 1 running back usually a pass 3 tight ends 2 runningbacks usually the run I hoped this playcalling helped if not start on rookie mode against the computer keep practicing and if you are good enough take your game to xbox live if you have the 360 I do here is my gamertag pittchris16 send me a friend request If you want to play me sometime.

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    Well, on defense, correctly committing to pass or run (right joystick), helps. Also, jumping the snap (X button on a PS2) works a lot against the CPU opponents because they rarely do anything tricky with the snap count. I wish they had put that in Madden 08...

    As for offense, can't help much there...

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    try getting a team with a fast qb and run bootlegs to the wider part of the field and pump fake and just take off i ususally get 20 to 30 yards on the run not including jukes need anymore help just message me

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