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What is the difference between horse racing, dog racing, deer hunting and ....Micheal Vick's case?

Ok...I have anaylized Mike Vick's case and other animal sporting events. Government sanctioned animal sports have been in place for decades and the animal rights people have had been quiet until now.

First horse racing. These animals are injected with steriods and overburdened to win races. There is money bet on their outcome. If they seriously break a leg, then they are put to sleep.

Next is dog racing...Greyhounds...Big money is wagered on their outcome. These animals are bred for racing. They are injected with dangerous steriods. If they lose their competitive edge or get injured, then they are thrown to a shitty kennel and are forgotten. Some are even put to sleep.

Finally....Deer Hunting...This sport pisses me off. How can some Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia or West Virginia red neck go and blow defenseless bambi's brains out and get to hang the head on the wall? They seldom eat the animal. Where are the animal rights activists for this?

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    Well, the main difference is that dog fighting is A FELONY. As far as morals, there isn't much difference. I believe that they're all cruel and inhumane.

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    You need to keep reading up on all 4 of these things.

    Horse race is legal as is gambling. Injecting them with steroids and beating them is illegal. I'm sure it happens but not very often and the people that try this are usually banned. If they are hurt they are put to sleep peacefully. You cant put it on crutches or in a wheel chair. If they cant walk or limp it will hurt them more and they will die painfully. The only do this for a few years before they retire to a farm and enjoy the rest of their life wandering a field eating grass being a regular horse. They don't even get ridden because they are worth so much.

    Dog racing. Same deal. Except they are adopted once they are done racing.

    Hunting would be closest because something will die. Here is where you are wrong though. You don't fight the deer then beat it, drown it, or burn it to death. It also prevents you from having millions of starving deer running around getting hit by cars. Sick or injured deer don't make for good food. Other than those ones hunters eat the deer. Yes some are mounted but more are probably not. The idea is to kill it with 1 shot that kills it within a few minutes. You don't want it running around getting hurt or not being able to find it. Gut shots will infect the meat.

    Dog fighting is horrible and illegal. Their is no regulation. The dogs are beat, starved, given drugs, and fight causing injuries or death. You don't want your prize fighting dog risking injury as he learns so you kidnap somebodies pets as practice for him. When the dog is hurt or just isnt very good you can't adopt them. Instead they are drowned, beaten to death, hung, or in some cases electrocuted. None of those are painless.

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    Because, racing and hunting rarely reach the cruelty that dog fighting reaches. With dog fighting not only are dogs raised from puppies to learn how to fight, their basic instincts are being mild-manners household pets were dramatically changed. Not only are they mentally modified, quite often they were physically modified by not only making them stronger and faster, but sometimes also having implements of violence like razorblades and barbed wire crudely attached to them to make them better fighters.

    Also, unlike racing and fighting, where the animals are put to a painless death should something happen to them, fighting dogs are tortured severely before they are killed. They are hung, they are set on fire, and even some instances their heads are smashed against the ground until they die. That's depths of cruelty most hunters and racers will never reach.

    Also, you argument for racers killing animals are a bit off. Racing animals are put to sleep for their benefit. For example, a broken leg on a horse would mean that horse would be debilatated for the rest of its life. It would be equivalent to someone killing a human being because he's paralyzed from the waist down. That's, of course, a whole another argument.

    As for your steroid argument, steroids are technically illegal in animal racing. You can't really the racing industry as a whole when certain members break the law. The same could be said of any professional sport. They institute the law, and try to enforce it, but if someone decides to break the rules and go uncaught it's hardly their fault.

    And animal rights activists have always gone after hunting, and they still do to this day. You just happen to not hear about it because it's usually not news worthy like the whole Vick thing is right now.

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    Lets see.

    Horse racing is a controlled sport with a governing body that is in place to protect the animals.

    Is this 100% for sure no animals are mis-treated NO. But it is legal.

    Dog racing gets the same answer. Most greyhounds are put up for family adoption after they are finished racing.

    Deer hunting is a sport and most people DO eat the animals.

    Trust me deer are smarter than humans. They have the advantage believe it or not.

    People have raced horses ,dogs and deer hunted for centuries.

    Hunting was once a way of life if you wanted to eat.

    To group these 3 with ILLEGAL dog fight doesn't make sense.

    Next you'll say KFC killing chickens to serve in a restaurant is the same as dog fighting.

    Your 3 are legal and governed. Dog fighting is NOT.

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    Vick is a Celebrity.

    The Bigger you are the easier it is to be a Target.

    Horse's are killed when they break a limb because there is a chance they will never recover. Look at Barbaros. They had the Best Vet's in the world there. He eventually had to be put down. Even with the world Best treatments he wouldn't have made it.

    Deer Hunters hunt for the thrill of the hunt and for the food. In most States It is illegal to just kill and behead the animal. Those are closely monitored by taxidermist.

    Greyhound racing is the one I think is one step above dog fighting. Still as discusting. It is illegal in most states.

    Vick's main charges are for the way's he:

    1. Mistreated

    2. Exterminated

    3. Exploited

    The Dogs.

    I agree with you that animals entertaining Humans is wrong. Unless They are well taken care of and treated with love.

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    Dude, settle down. Not all people from the south are "rednecks". We are from the South, we are Southern. Not that many people still hunt, though I do. You don't blow the deer's brains out, you aim for the heart/lungs. I haven't met a single true hunter that doesn't eat the meat, and no one mounts deer heads unless they have a nice rack. And plus, hunting takes place all around the world. Yes, even your beloved state (wherever that may be.) Heck, if it weren't for hunting, you wouldn't be here, none of us would. So don't go dissing things you know nothing about.

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    You make a very interesting point. But I am a traditionalist when it comes to sports, so I don't consider any of the aforementioned items "sports". But I view dog fighting differently because people are forcing these animals to participate in something that can cause injury or fatality to it. No horse or greyhound died on the track. Now if they are up in age where they cant race anymore, they are put down. When it comes to hunting, no one forces the deer to be there, they run away to avoid being hunted. The dogs are there by force. But I feel your point, to me all of it is wrong.

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    Think most of the others answered the question well. though you really should do more research I don't know anyone who hunts that doesn't eat the meat. Eating meat is natural for us. Look at the others animals in nature eyes on the side run and hide ,eyes on the front its time to hunt.

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    Deer screw all the time so if we didn't have deer hunting you would be sharing your home with several deer. It is regulated and only a certain number can be killed each year. And most hunters do eat the meat.

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    You are trying, with little success, to justify Michael Vick and his crew for starving, abusing, torturing, electrocuting, shooting, drowning, hanging and fighting innocent animals for the entire span of their lives. There is NO justification for it. Period. Why someone would need to explain to you why these things are wrong and worthy of punishment is just pathetic.

    I think a better question would be:


    And by the way, whatever 'color' your neck is, how would you like to have it dressed in a noose and hung for a while, then drowned if you survive aobut 20 minutes of that? I think we should try it to see if you understand THEN what might be wrong with this.

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    I have analyzed your question and have concluded this:

    Why do none of you who ask this question ever mention the illegal gambling operation or drug sales that Vick and his merry band of hoodlums are responsible for?

    I have also deduced that you are a black racist (use of the word red-neck) - and that your racism runs so deep, that you really don't care what crimes Vick is guilty of. You would welcome him back with open arms no matter what he did due to his skin color!

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