Suing Landlord for Slander?

Can anyone give me info on suing my Landlord for talking bad about me and my neighbor....and also for not fixing things around the apt. I need the Ca laws about tentant rights

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    Since in reality you are seeking legal information I am not licensed or qualified to give you legal assistance or legal opinions. I can however give you information that you are requesting and that you should check into before proceeding with assertion of your tenant rights in California.

    Legal Aid by Counties:

    Home owner and renter assistance programs:

    RENTERS Security Deposit Law

    Landlord Tenant Questions and answers from the State

    List of licensed attorneys


    HUD – Tenant rights in California:

    Pamphlet from the State of California on Landlords and Tenants:

    Private Attorney’s Website on Tenant/Landlord issues:

    Home owner and renter assistance programs:

    California Civil code - CONTRACTS – Sections 1619 – 1632:

    Information on what “Libel” is (private site)

    You sound upset but try to make decisions with the right legal advice.

    Best of luck

    If you can't find the information you need in those links then the information most likely is very new.

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    If the slanderous remark was untrue AND caused you harm then you can sue. Proving slander can be difficult especially if you don't have credible witnesses to help prove your allegations.

    Bear in mind that there's an absolute defense to a charge of slander. If the remarks were injurious but TRUE, no slander has been committed. For example, if you often pay your rent late and your landlord tells another landlord that you're a deadbeat that could certainly hurt you but the fact that it's true means that no slander has been committed. (I'm not saying that you're a deadbeat, by the way! That's ONLY an example.)

    The issue on failure to make repairs is totally separate. If the landlord fails to make timely repairs that affect the habitability or safety of the premises then under CA law you can "Repair & Deduct." Before you go that route you should be sure that you meet the legal requirements under state law. If you attempt to do it for something that does not affect habitability or safety the landlord can evict you for nonpayment of your rent. Here's a link to the CA Dept of Consumer Affairs website and their Landlord/Tenant Guide:

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    To sue for slander, you will need to show that what was said has caused you monetary loss, as in not getting a job or being turned down for an new apartment. You will also need to show that what was said was indeed false. If the same landlord has refused to do necessary mauntenance, you can sue for that, but again, you have the burden of proof. You must show that the landlord was aware of the need for repairs and that he/ she did not make those repairs in a reasonable time or fashion. In the cas eof the repairs, you would have to again show financial loss to get any money settlement.

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    slander is different then landlord/tenant issues

    a slander suit is a tort suit in civil court, to which the landlord intentionally communicated damaging untrue information to a third party with the intention to harm the person,

    fixing problems in the rental will depend on state law and maybe even local county law depending where you live

    try your attorney general web site for the statute on landlord tenant law

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    i can guarantee you, suing anyone for slander is one of the toughest lawsuits out there. its just not a valuable use of anyones time or money, and most attornies will chuckle after you leave, having asked that question.

    As for fixing things, go to Yahoo, type in tenant law and find the Calif or Ca applications.

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    The premier defense for slander is that the alleged slanderer told the truth.

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    Did his slander cause you harm? Was he used as a reference for another landlord...and his slander caused you to be denied? Because that would be illegal.

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    What was the slander and whom did he say it to. Explain that and it might make a difference in the answer.

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    You cant so forget about it.

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