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Hippy wedding dress?

I'm bored and I'm looking at wedding dresses any hippy ones that are somewhat more modern and has anyone seen any hippy bridesmaid dresses

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    How about a halter dress, is that not hippy enough.

    Your going to have to do some research on vintage dresses, circ 1960-1970 and get some ideas on what would look good on you. Then find a dress maker and you'll be set. has how to get a vintage dress, there's so many styles it's very personal. takes you from 1960-1970 but may not be all hippie.

    Good luck


    do a search on bohemian wedding dresses

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    Ah, a woman after my own heart...I too would be having a "hippy wedding ceremony," close to a cool little lake i found. enable me help you be attentive to, it is the time of three hundred and sixty 5 days to seem for the kind of gown you're speaking approximately, because of the fact they are everywhere! merely purchase a surprising, hippy-looking white or off-white sundress which will artwork to your wedding ceremony. Maxi-clothing are in this summer season, so which you will have not have been given any worry in any respect looking one in white. i became SO fortunate, i found my gown at Ross for like $7.50! i'm extreme- i became merely there on completely unrelated identifying to purchase company and that i merely observed this ideal white hippy sundress and that i became like, "there is my wedding ceremony gown!" sturdy success, and don't pay too lots considering the shown fact that defeats the hippy spirit. : )

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    OMG!! Go to a thrift store. Everithing there in the dress sections are usually dated. They are ORIGINAL hippy.

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    Check out eBay and local thrift stores you may also find something you like in a antique shop or if nothing else you can have someone make one to your specs

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    Remember the one Jenny Gump wore on her wedding to Forrest? That one was nice.

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    You could buy a tie dye dress. Or a traditional non-shiny wedding dress on eBay and tie dye it. :-)

    Peace out.

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    if it has not been seen yet , you'll be the 1st one.A revolution.

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    why would anybody want to be a hippie??????????

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