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why is corruption maximum in india?

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    Many countries are seeing more and more corruption. Governments have for years collected people to lazy to work for a living and they just want to suck off those who are trying. It is a shame to see the land of Mahatma turning in this direction. Without violence you may sit and have tea with your neighbors. Start documenting the corruption on your computers. When you have way more than enough evidence, then start considering those in the community who are worthy of the positions of authority. Talk and email to all who are feeling the corruption. With a quiet person to person agreement you should be able to have your person of choice elected to the position of authority that has been corrupted.

    USA is feeling these problems at the highest levels. We are working on solutions but it does take time.

    Your computers are your best chance of removing the corrupt. They are the newspaper that Mahatma spoke of. The corrupt only gain if the people give them the authority to comand.

    Annonomus exposure of corruption puts them in the light and they do not like exposure.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is NOT. there are far more corrupt societies than India. India might have corruption, but it also has opportunties, culture and values... INDIA ROCKS !!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd have to say it is because of to many people.

    When you get a lot of people trying for the same things, underhandedness, such as bribes, etc. are going to become common practices.

    This of course is going to lead to other schemes and deals that can't be refused either because of necessity or greed.

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