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Any ideas on what color to paint abike that has black rims?

it's an 03 team issue mongoose that I want to paint. Any ideas on what color to paint it and a few sites that show pictures of the bikes with that certain color.

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    watever you do, get it painted by a professional, and black rims go with everything. i suggest you dont get red cuz thats wat EVERYONE gets as you can see

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    Black wheels mean you can paint your frame any colour. The wheels will always suit the frame. Have a look for your local resparayers and see if they have a website, they should have colour samples and some pictures of completed bikes. I went for the stealth look, with everything in black, but really, just choose your favourite colour / shade and go for it. I good resprayer will also offer different finishes - metallic, gloss, matt, even glittery!

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    in trouble-free terms way that paint is going to stay when you paint them is via getting them warm dipped! it is going to chip away after the 1st holiday and seem terrible! only being truthful. warm dipping electricly quotes the debris interior the paint to stick, comparable to how vehicle rims are achieved! I advise getting a broking to order you some and you gets custom paint!

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    Definently A flat gunmetal gray with black tribal markings. Whatever type of bike you have, a paint job like that would look SICK!!

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    Black on black with flames. Makes you look like your going faster.

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    paint it black with red orange and yellow flames

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    i would prefer black it would give a lavinish look to ur bike

    Source(s): my friend is a bike mechanic
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    Are you short of imagination ? .What about pink with green and red stripes , so your creation will look original .......

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    black goes with all colours so it doesnt realli matta..go with a colour u like maybe red??

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