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1. come down 和 go down 用法有什麼不同,解釋是否一樣呢 ,

2. come back 和 go back 用法又有什麼不同,解釋是否一樣呢 ,




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    Come 一般解作「來」或「從遠而近」,而Go 則解作「去」或「從近而遠」。

    當你在一間屋內對一個人說:"Would you please come down?" 這個人應該正在樓上,而你想他下來你的所在地;但當你說的話變成:"Would you please go down?" 你便是想這個人離開你的身處地而到樓下去。

    同樣,如果你對一個人說:"Please come back soon." 這個人一定是正要離開你,而你想他快點回到你的身邊。但當你說的話變成:"Please go back soon." 你是希望這個人快點離開你的身處地而回到他原來所屬於的地方。

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    come 來

    go 去

    come down 下來

    go down 下去

    come back 回來

    go back 回去

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    come means to move toward something ,

    come back: to return to life or vitality, to return to memory

    come down: to lose or fall in estate or condition

    e.g now we come to the section on health

    e.g the time has come

    e.g come to think of it, you may be right


    1) come a cropper : to fail completely

    2) come to terms: to reach an agreement

    3) come of age : to reach maturity

    go means to move on a course, to move out of or away from a place expressed or implied.

    e.g why did you go and spoil it

    e.g go jump in a lake

    e.g going away for vacation


    1) go great guns : to achieve great success

    2) go places : to be on the way to success

    3) go without saying : to be self-evident


    1) He comes back on monday.

    2) I hope you can come back on time.

    3) came down with measles (to become ill)

    1) Shall we go back together?

    2) We will go back to Hong Kong once we have completed our studies here.

    3) all his effort has gone down the drain.

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    come down - 下来come back - 回来go down - 下去go back - 回去

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    1) Come down is used when you are downstairs and asking someone to come to you. e.g., Come on down, join us for the BBQ.

    Go Down is when you are with the person and you are asking him/her to go somewhere...e.g., Can you go downstairs to the supermarket and get some beer for me?

    2) Come back is used when you are asking someone to come to you..e.g, Please come back home tonight

    Go Back is used when you are asking someone to go to another place. e.g., Please Go back to your desk!!!

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