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香港銀行為求成本降低 後勤單位出走成趨勢




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    Banks in Hong Kong for the sake of lowering the cost of logistical units to flee the trend

    For enterprises seeking to reduce costs to increase our competitiveness, the relocation mainland has non-manufacturing patent. The recent rise of the Hong Kong banking sector relocation logistics wave, following Standard Chartered Bank will go to the mainland to establish a data processing center, Hong Kong's largest banking group HSBC Holdings 8 / 7 announced following Guangzhou, Shanghai, the approach of the establishment of the mainland's second logistics centers.

    HSBC said, enabled by technology, logistics organization relocated to low-cost areas, the banks will be able to create a huge economic benefits. Over the past few years, HSBC has to be systematically handled logistics center moved to India, Guangzhou, the focus is lower labor costs, will also consider the future of the Americas and other similar to the logistics centers.

    Banks face logistical units to flee, our job market will deal a blow HSBC pointed out that this is a narrow view, because compared with other industries, banks have been left behind 20 years, Hong Kong Just 50 miles separated the average labor income is only one-twentieth of local, low-efficiency paperwork should be split away.

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    The Hong Kong bank for asks the cost reduction rear service unit to leave in a hurry the tendency The enterprise for asks to be allowed to surrender the low cost increase competitive ability, outside moves the mainland already non- manufacturing industry patent. The Hong Kong banking industry recently starts outside the rear service to move the unrest, after will continue Chartered Bank to go to the mainland establishment data processing center, after Hong Kong biggest bank group HSBC holding 8/7 announcement to continue Guangzhou, will establish to Shanghai in the mainland second rear service processing center. The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank indicated that, does obeisance the science and technology to bestow, migrates the rear service organization to the low cost area, might the huge economic efficiency which will bring for the bank. In the past several years, Huifeng had systematically moves the rear service processing center toward India, Guangzhou, focused is the lower manpower cost, future also will be able to consider in the Americas such as the places establishment similar rear service processing center. Leaves in a hurry facing the bank rear service unit, will bring the attack to the Hong Kong employment market, the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank pointed out, this will be the narrow view, because will compare other professions, the bank will leave in a hurry fell behind for 20 years, will consider Hong Kong to be separated by 50 inside and outside laborer average income only to have this locality 1/20, some low benefits desk jobs will be supposed to branch out.

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