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Anonymous asked in 娛樂與音樂電視戲劇 · 1 decade ago

THE L WORD第三季中的一首歌

請問一下,在『THE L WORD』第三季第12集



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  • 1 decade ago
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    God-Des & She(團體) - Lick It(歌名)


    這裡可以試聽 &item=JR2D &searchword=GOD-DES

    Good evening class

    Id like to welcome you to pussy eating 101

    pay close attention now

    There’s Rules and regulations to pleasing a girl

    going down town could really rock her world

    but you gotta make sure that you know what your doing

    There’s a map down there that you gotta start learnin

    first you gotta make sure you rehears

    move round your tongue like your tryin to curse

    cause there’s nothing worse than a tongue that doesn’t work

    then your girl will be mad and you feel like a jerk

    spread out her lips before you kiss

    you wanna make sure that you find the clit

    lick a little bit then move it all around

    lick it all over till you hear her make a sound

    then you know that you find a good spot

    teas it a and touch it but not a lot

    with your mouth down south your in control

    you could make it happen fast or slow

    Lick it you better lick it right touch it better touch it right kiss it better kiss it right do that pussy right

    Lick it you better lick it right touch it better touch it right kiss it better kiss it right do that pussy right

    Don’t be bland better act creative

    be on top of your game and be innovative

    experiment a bit then change it up

    lick a little lower then put it in her butt

    then you can place a finger inside

    make sure that its wet and easy to glide

    when she’s really wet and your fingers slide

    try to put another one inside

    but you better still have your mouth on her clit

    you know your doing good if her legs twitch

    then pick her up and set her on your face

    pick a large area to give her some space

    she needs some room to place your mouth where she want it

    let her ride your face like she’s about to come on it

    the key to a girls heart is going down south

    so come on everybody let her put it in your mouth

    字太多 你直接複製參考資料的網址就可看到完整歌詞

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