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Thank you about you 是誰唱的?


還有call me是誰唱的?




第二首對ㄌ 可是 真的是周華健唱的嗎?

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    Apple Tree

    詞/曲:Gloria Tang

    Dum Dum apple orange tree

    Pizza I don't want to eat

    Maybe I'll like to say something how about

    thank you for your coming

    Drawings represent something

    Dancing like a butterfly

    Maybe you'll like to say how about

    thank you for your kind attention

    Move away

    you and me far away

    come closer put it away

    And then no one gets left behind together sing

    For all those beautiful things(yeah yeah)


    no anger

    no more hunger

    no more war

    no more pain

    2007-08-18 16:50:09 補充:


    Call Me

    作詞:Dennis De Young 作曲:Dennis De Young

    2007-08-18 16:50:40 補充:

    Rain began to fall softly as she gazed around the room 

    Even now she wondered what went wrong

    A letter in her hand trembled as she placed it by the phone 

    2007-08-18 16:50:53 補充:

    All at once there were footsteps by the door

    She didn't want a confrontation to tear them apart 

    She wasn't sure of all the feeling's racing through her heart

    I looked into her eyes knowing something wasn't right 

    2007-08-18 16:51:14 補充:

    And suddenly the tears began to show

    Babe, I know that it's wrong But you know

    I'm really not that strong How I wish I could tell you that I am

    But before I even read this letter, I want you to stay

    2007-08-18 16:51:31 補充:

    But if I see your mind's made up, there's one thing I've got to say

    You can call me, baby, if you ever change your mind 

    Believe me when I say to you, anytime will be alright

    You can call me Only seven numbers on the phone Maybe we can talk things over

    2007-08-18 16:51:32 補充:

    You're never that far from home Oh no, no, baby you're not alone

    Another season. Another change 

    Two hearts are breaking with no one to blame

    I know the reasons you want to go But if you find

    that you still want me, there's one thing that you should know

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