my hard disk having bad sectors how to block them?

my hard disk have bad sectors , ofter formating the drive , when installing xp some files are not copying , i am not able to install operating system, I want to block bad sectors on my hard disk , I tried through disk wizard c.d but there is no use, there is any chance to block bad sectors through DISK MANAGER, if any chance tell me how to do ?. plz

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    Why risk saving info on this drive. Buy a new one. Dont give yourself anymore headaches.

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    Bad sectors are already marked and not used by the file allocation tables so you don't have to do anything about them, but, before you waste any more time, download a hard drive diagnostic utility and check your drive. Bad sectors is not necessarily fatal.

    What you should do if the drive checks out OK, is get a WIN98 boot disk with both the FORMAT and FDISK tools. Use FDISK to delete all the partitions, then recreate a primary partition and format the drive to the FAT32 file system. If it is successful, then you can install XP and convert the file system to NTFS.

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    Get a new hard drive as soon as you can. Typically, bad sectors are caused where you have a damaged platter, recall the old cassette tapes? they are clear tape, with a brown coating. this is magnetic, and enables the recording. Similarly, the disk platters in your hard disk, except in your case, the 'magnetic paint' on the platter is damaged. Where is the debris from this damage? ....your guess is as good as mine. Certainly, doing no good. Get a new drive.Have had "some files not copying" on W2k, in this case, the memory / motherboard was defective.

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    Short answer - replace the sata cable. long answer - while drives and controllers do error detection checksums on the data as it crosses the cable, nothing (No oses) care when an error is encountered. The error is allowed to persist and bad data is written to the disk. I am hesitant to advise you to spend $90 on software, but spinright will detect this kind of error. If it is not a cabling error, then it may be something else that spinright can fix.

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  • 1 decade ago

    try using the chkdsk command at a command prompt, it will check for errors on the hdd and try to fix them, if you have a windows install cd , there should be an option for command prompt i think its called repair , if anything u should jus buy a new drive its been getting cheaper lately

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    after trying all that... if it does not work... you need have a new hard disk

  • 1 decade ago

    my hard disk have bad sectore, idonot know how con remove or repair this bad sectore. thanks fore help me.

    am sory my English lun... not much

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