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Katie and Peter?

how many kids do they have and what are they famous for?


is it true she stuck her cell phone in her ____ in front of the cameras and did she drink and do drugs while pregnant with her first baby?

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    Katie Price is a glamor model who goes by the name of "Jordan." She also writes novels. Peter Andre is a pop "star" who was raised in Australia. He still makes music - but doesn't appear to have very much success with it. They both appear in their own reality TV show. They are very popular in the UK and their photos often appear in the different celebrity magazines.

    They met on the TV show "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!" and fell in love. They later got married and now have two children together Junior and Princess. Katie also has another son Harvey from a previous relationship. Her alter-ego Jordan used to be a bit wild when she was younger but Katie seems to have calmed down quite a lot since her marriage to Peter. :-)

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    they have 3 . all three are hers and the baby boy and girl is peters.

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    what a dumb show

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