I am thinking about going camping what exactly do i need?

I am going with a family of 5 But would be nice with a 6 person tent

what kind of foo we have sleeping bags

o no campers


campers as in the stuff u put on the back of the truck

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    Camping Checklist (compliments of camping.about.com)

    Shelter and Bedding (essentials)

    __ tent

    __ tarp

    __ sleeping bag

    __ sleeping pad

    __ headrest

    Cooking and Dining (essentials)

    __ water

    __ food

    __ cooler

    __ camp stove

    __ mess kit

    __ can opener

    __ charcoal


    __ t-shirts

    __ shorts

    __ jeans/pants

    __ socks

    __ shoes/boots

    __ camp shoes

    __ hat/cap

    __ sweater

    __ rain poncho

    __ underwear

    __ swim suit

    __ laundry bag

    __ _____________

    __ _____________

    __ _____________

    __ _____________

    Personal Hygiene

    __ tooth brush

    __ tooth paste

    __ wash rag(s)

    __ towel(s)

    __ soap

    __ comb/brush

    __ nail clippers

    __ razor

    __ toilet paper

    __ _____________

    __ _____________ Shelter and Bedding (optionals)

    __ book

    __ cot

    __ comforter

    __ throw rug

    __ pillow

    Cooking and Dining (optionals)

    __ charcoal chimney

    __ smoker

    __ Dutch oven

    __ hot dog sticks

    __ pie irons

    __ chairs

    __ folding table

    __ table cloth

    __ butane lighter

    __ screen room

    Cleaning Items

    __ broom

    __ dust pan

    __ whisk broom

    __ lawn rake

    __ dish pan

    __ detergent

    __ dish rags

    __ ppt scrubber

    First Aid Kit

    __ personal medication

    __ bandages

    __ aspirin, Tylenol

    __ medical tape

    __ sterile gauze

    __ elastic wrap

    __ antiseptic wipes

    __ antibiotic cream

    __ burn ointment

    __ sunburn lotion

    __ hydrogen peroxide

    __ scissors

    __ tweezers

    __ eye wash

    __ sanitary napkins

    __ snake bite kit Chuck Box

    __ salt and pepper

    __ herbs and spices

    __ cooking oil

    __ pot holders

    __ paper towels

    __ napkins

    __ plastic trash bags

    __ tongs and spatula

    __ aluminum foil

    __ measuring cups

    __ plastic silverware

    __ paper plates/bowls

    __ plastic cups

    __ zip lock bags

    __ knives

    __ cutting board

    __ cork screw

    Miscellaneous Items

    __ binoculars

    __ bird guide

    __ bug spray

    __ bungi cords

    __ camera

    __ candles

    __ cards, games

    __ cell phone

    __ clothes pins

    __ compass

    __ duct tape

    __ fishing gear

    __ flashlight

    __ frisbee

    __ GPS

    __ kites

    __ knife

    __ lantern

    __ matches

    __ pen and paper

    __ rope

    __ shower bag

    __ sun block

    __ tools

    __ water filters

    __ whistle

    __ _____________

    __ _____________

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    You may want to check your sleeping bags and make sure you use them in the correct season. Don't want to be too hot or too cold at night

    As for food ( i am guessing foo = food) Cans work if you have a stove and don't plan to be more than one day away from camp. Remember to leave no trace though. Pouches are good for day hikes. Gorp is also good.

    Yea a 6 person tent will be nice since it will give you extra room to put gear and for movement. However, the bigger the tent the harder it is to keep warm when it gets cold.

    I have attacked a link below of what I take out in the woods. You don't need to take all of what is on that list since you are not doing search and rescue missions but there are alot of usefull things there.

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    Here is a great list for packing. As for the tent a 6 person tent may not be large enough. I would recommend 2 tents. go for the best tents you can afford. I have tents from REI. I think that no tent is better for car camping than the Base Camp 6.

    For sleeping bags they are rated for temperature think about when you plan to go camping and find a bag that is rated for the lowest temperature that you will encounter. Hope this helps and if you have more specific questions about tents or other questions you will get a ton of responses here. ENJOY!

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    Two tents are definatly better than one unless you have SMALL children. Extra space in the tent is never a waste. You can just use blankets for sleeping in moderate weather if you have some that are not too nice, and you want to save some money on your maiden voyage.

    Plan out your meals long before time, and freeze everything you can except your first meal ahead of time, including drinking water.

    Some of the things you might forget that are important for camping:


    Clothes, and extra dry shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sun Block!

    Bug Spray!

    Toilet Paper!

    Salt Pepper and seasonings

    Paper Plates, Plastic cups and Utensils

    Soap for you and dishes, Tooth brush ect…

    Dish cloths

    Bath/Beach towels

    Knife or three

    Spatula Fork and Tongs, (all fire safe)

    Tin Foil

    Food storage bags

    Trash bags

    Something to start a fire with

    Camera and batteries, (I have a 12 volt charger for my AA and AAA batteries that we use in the flashlights also)

    For tent camping, not everything might seem important, but then you might find some of those very things handy for stuff you never thought of. I try not to take more than I need to, but I also hate to not have SOMETHING to work with. If you do not have the skillet or the lanterns, you can make do with foil and a big fire, but a lot of the stuff is make or break for a good camping trip.

    *Pack everything in cardboard boxes or Laundry baskets. After the first few trips if you are having fun, you might want to get a storage tote or two. Start leaving the stuff that you can in the totes. If you wear out the tote, you are a seasoned camper; it is time to get a heavy duty trunk.

    * Plastic Ice Cream Bucket or big plastic bowel for cooking and dish washing. A giant plastic mug or two can be handy also.

    *A solid cast iron skillet is great. Be sure to take oil. Be careful not to over heat it or you will loose your seasoning. Something to get it off the hot fire with, like channel locks is nice as well. Simple things you can cook in it are fried potatoes, sautéed veggies, and pancakes. My kids like my oily “crunchy” campfire pancakes best. If you drink Coffee, you will need a camp percolator and all the fixings.

    *Extra blankets! They can really make for a better nights sleep used as padding, and I have had a sleeping bag taken in the river by a kid before.

    *Lighting; I recommend a couple flashlights for trips to the potty or exploration, and two "train lanterns" that will burn all night on one tank of oil. Don’t forget the lamp oil, (a little will start the fire good also) and batteries!

    *Plenty of ice, and plenty of frozen drinking water. Put all the blankets on top of your coolers during the day. Pack meat in a separate cooler from drinks and snacks if you can, or in a plastic container buried under everything else. Freeze everything you can before you pack, except your first meal. Plan an uncooked meal at lunch time, and start fires half an hour or more before you plan to cook.

    *A large laundry soap jug is best for keeping hand wash water on the outskirts of camp; one with a spigot works the absolute best. Just refill with river water if you are camping primitive.

    *Lawn chairs and fun noodles are a good idea. You do not need a chair for everyone, but at least one per adult and one more is a good idea. Fun noodles are cheap, and they do not leak like blow up water toys.

    *Some rope, clothes pins, a hammer and a couple nails never hurt. I take 50 feet of cheap rope, and some twine for little stuff. Don’t forget the duct tape! Axe, machete, and/or bow saw for cutting wood, and who knows what else.

    *A fresh roll of paper towels, a roll of medical tape, a bottle of peroxide, and some antibiotic ointment make a good first aid kit for almost any non 911 emergency. Some of that stuff comes in handy for other stuff as well. Throw in a pair of nail clippers, and maybe some scissors and thread and needle, for things that can be annoying not to have.

    *Last but not least, time out at the river is ten thousand times worse than any other punishment! I spent a lot of my first summer with my step kids at the river for just that reason!

    Have fun. You will find plenty of things you wish you had, but that can be part of the fun! After you camp a dozen times, you will have a longer list, but there is enough stuff to buy the first time, without going into all of that.


    Source(s): I have the wooden trunk.
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