Who would I contact to file a complaint against a ford dealership?

This dealer is on Indy's south side.

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    Ask the dealership for the regional managers contact information. If that fails, try the link below for Ford Corporate contact info.

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    Ford Motor Company Complaints

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Who would I contact to file a complaint against a ford dealership?

    This dealer is on Indy's south side.

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    What is the nature of the complaint? There are several places you could contact. Start with the Better Business Bureau they will contact the dealer and try to resolve the issue. Contact Ford Motor Company if it is a satisfaction issue with the dealer's service department or sales department. If your complaint involves the purchase of a vehicle, contact the secretary of states office and they may be able to help you. Go to www.in.gov. Also Indiana does have a lemon law that covers vehicle purchases. It really depends on the nature of your complaint.

    Good luck.

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    I filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General about a month ago regarding a dealership here where I live. I figured nothing would come of it but 2 days ago, the owner of the dealership called wanting to know what it would take to make me happy. (Of course the stipulation was that I had to drop the complaint, haha!) Contact your state attorney general and if they can't help you they'll forward it to your Better Business Bureau... You'll be suprised how the situation can turn around

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    Whenever I had a problem, I just called the 1-800 customer service number in the owners manual. Things have a funny way of getting resolved when Detroit finds out about it. Detroit can make the dealership's life hell, by dropping discounts and advertising holdbacks that the dealer gets. They can also just not ship cars to him on time. They have their ways of getting to you, if they want to.

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    Talk to the ford rep. at that dealership and if you still don't get any satisfaction call Detroit and tell them what is going on hope this helps.

    Source(s): 36 years @ ford motor co rerpairman
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    look in your owners manual and call the 1-877 number in there,and file the complaint with ford motor company or customer relations,they usually take care of dealer problems pretty good,depending on the back up they have though it may be a while before you hear from them again,they may also have a web site in the owners manual,but they don't answer e-mails very good,do it by phone its faster,good luck on it.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 37 yrs.
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    Ford Motor Co.

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    There is a good answere with a webb site.

    contac the INDY bbb better busines burea.file a complaint with them,and they will con tact the dealer in your name.

    I wish you luck and dealers have so mainy ways to cheat a buyier,and some dealers just don.t

    give damn.


    Source(s): been there and got stranded in Okla in a town called Stroud.I and my family stayed in motel 4 days till a dealer had time to put a alternatior.
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