please help me, my ears are clogged. I used Q-tips and I got lots of stuff out but then my ears got clogged &

they've been that way for about five hours. I cant clean any more stuff out of them, I tried. Sometimes they open for a second when I cough or laugh but then they clog up again, and I cant get any more out. I tried putting water on the Q-tips also. What can I do to fix this?


ty, peroxide worked good

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    Put peroxide (a few drops) in each ear. This will loosen up anything that is clogging your ears so that you will be able to remove it with q-tips. This is perfectly safe.

    Good luck, I know you must be in misery.

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    Equipment needed to gather: You need a rubber syringe, warm water, and hydrogen peroxide and an old towel.

    What you need to do is lay down with the towel under your head and place three drops of the peroxide in your ear that is not against the pillow so that it can help clear out your ear. It's going to sound like it's foaming up in your ear, but that's o.k. it's supposed to. This should take a few minutes.

    After the foaming sound stops, get up and go to the bathroom sink and use the syringe and run luke warm water and put this into the rubber syringe and use this to rinse out your ear.

    Don't use q-tips in your ear because it just pushes all the wax into the back of your ear and makes it clog up again.

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    Hydrogen Peroxide is great to clean your ears. Just fill the ear canal with peroxide and keep your head turned to the side until you are ready to drain it out. When you shower, let the water run directly into your ear to wash it out. This works great if you don't have an ear infection. If you do, you will need to see a doctor. If the stuff you are getting out is just wax, then the above should work. If it looks like pus or smells nasty, you probably have an ear infection.

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    They sell kits at the drug store that can help get things out, however, this is only good for wax build up. What you're describing sounds like the tubes in your ears are clogged. That's what causes them to "pop", you might consider making an appoinment with and otaronologist (ent) doctor to look at your ears. Try the wax cleaning kit first though.

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    Water gets into my ears and clogs it all the time. All i do it take my head and slam it ear down into my bed. Then the water gets out and it's all good. Try it. If you have a cold, sometimes you get clogged ears, which i've never figured out how to cure besides just waiting for the cold to end. If it's something else.. then i dunno, try slamming your head into the bed anyways.

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    Sounds like you've compacted the wax. Go to the doctor and get it professionally done, and ask him the PROPER way to clean out your ears. Q-tips are NOT a good idea, for the reason you just found out and because if you aren't careful you could damage your eardrum.

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    Quit pushing the wax back and use peroxide and warm water, or get the ear cleaning kit in Walmart and Kmart for about 6.99, it works.

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    See if you can find a product called Debrox its a earwax removal aid. Just put 5 drops in each ear keep the drops in for several minutes. Place cotton in your ears. You should be able to find it in your local drug store.

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    no worries! ironically, my left one is clogged too. but i went swimming and that helped. when was the last time you got them cleaned with the water gun at the doctors? i would either do that, wait it out, or use ear drops! good luck!

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    You pushed all that gunk back into your ear. the Dr can clean/flush it out for you. There is an over the counter product for that too. Good luck

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