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Farm animals and the FDA?

Do you think the federal government needs to check into the FDA and make sure grain stored in silo's, being hauled in ships and being ground up and fed to farmers cattle have all the dead - poisoned rats sifted out of it before actually being ground up again and feeding it to cattle just so it can end up on our dinner plates?

Is George W. Bush responsible for this too?


Pssst.... Ummmm, hey faulty:

This has gone on since the 1970's.

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    The FDA and the USDA are in cahoots with the meat packing plants,

    it's absolutely disgusting what goes on there and agribusiness has made it so much worse,

    corporate farming has killed the family farm and conservatives in government have let them do it,

    it has made everything so poisonous and evil.

    Cows are supposed to eat GRASS,

    the grain (without the rotted flesh "contaminants") that goes to cows in an unnatural diet, could feed starving children the world over.

    There is antibiotics, milk producing stimulants given to cows which produce PUSS in milk, steroids in milk.

    There is cow manure in ground beef,

    there is cow manure in farm run off which is the reason there is e coli every now and then in spinach or lettuce.

    Agribusiness has used science for a Satanic cause of manipulating DNA and holding patents on their frankenproduce.

    Food is irradiated and the FDA says we don't have a right to know which,

    the FDA says we don't have a right to know what produce has been genetically modified.

    Who's side is the government on?

    The side who lines their pockets.

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    President Bush renewed the last set of stringent standards.He neither decreased or increased the allowable limits.People should realize that when processors are dealing in millions of pounds of grain;it is impossible to "filter out" all contaminants".Those who reside in the city need to at least read a book about modern food production and processing.

    Source(s): Corp CEO Ex farmer Ex brewery worker
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    Bush issued a Presidential Finding that allows the milling of animal remains at the 1% level for grain being processed into livestock feed. For evey ton of grain processed millers are allowed up to 20 pounds of animal remains in the finished product.

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