Your Honest and Serious Opinion Please?

I have been approached by someone who wants me to penpal and mentor women in a Faith Based Correctional Facility. I know that I have lived enough of life's drama to offer advice and opinions but the whole 'she's in prison' thing scares me.

What is Your Honest and Serious Opinion Please?

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    1 decade ago
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    Wow. If you do, please tread carefully.

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    Naka! This is right up my alley! lol (Ummm ... not literally, but, well I'll just explain!) I am a criminal justice major and have always spent time mentoring children, adults, etc ... through church and different arenas in my life. I have spent time volunteering in prison teaching inmates (both male and female) how to read. I was well protected and it was one of THE most rewarding things I have ever done. I was never scared or worried.

    Your situation is even safer because these women will never have your address or any other way of locating you (at least they shouldn't). The woman in charge of this should facilitate it so that she receives and sends the letter and then gives them to you so that whoever you are talking to could never find you. And, of course, you must be sure and never give out any personal information ... you know ... just like here.

    Not all of these women are in prison for "horrific" things like murder. Some of them just made bad choices or were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many times women get dragged into their situation by abusive and drug addicted men. You have such a warm and caring personality and you are nurturing by nature ... I can tell. Of course, don't take it on if it's going to be too much with your busy life! But I can tell you first hand that there is a great feeling in trying to help someone straighten out there life. You can always try it and see if it's your cup of tea. You may be able to make a real difference. And even if that doesn't quite happen ... you are a better person for having tried! =)


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    I think it would be a cool thing to do! But, only if you feel comfortable about it & you feel like your in a place to do that. When they say "mentor", does that mean you have to go & visit the women you're writing to? I don't know if I could do that unless it was after many letters & I felt like I knew the person. Sometimes, people go to prison for a stupid mistake or drugs & not a violent crime, ya know. And, sometimes, they just need an unbiased person to help put their lives back into perspective. Sometimes, their whole family has turned their back on them & they just need someone to listen so that they can get their life back on track. My guess is, you were asked for a reason & your knowledge & caring could help someone from making the same mistake twice! Sleep on it. No one says you have to decide today. This could be a beautiful, eye-opening experience. I'd use a p.o. box, or something anonymous though, just to be cautious.

  • tim b
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    1 decade ago

    Go Ahead. Remember that you were approached by someone else first. This person must think a lot of you to ask for your help. As for the woman in prison, I'd like to for what? It will probably help you make up your mind. Use no address of any kind. No E, or street, or even any # what so ever, unless it's a PO box. Even if you have to, use a different name. Feel your way through it, you can always stop. If you can help this woman get back to being a better person or feel good about themselves, for just one second. Isn't that worth it. Read my 360.

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  • dave n
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    1 decade ago

    In order to do something like that you are going to have to be able to put out of your mind the fact she is in prison thing. If you can not get over your fear of women in prison then you can not even consider doing ti. You have to be able to give advice and take someone under your wing without consideration of where she was before you took her into your circle. If you decide to do it be prepared because some people are not going to look at you in the same way again. You will be the woman who "helps you know those women."

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    If you have the time and energy, being a mentor would probably be very satisfying to you--especially if the person in prison turns their life around.

    The "she's in prison" part that concerns you...I'm wondering why that's an issue. You're not planning to use this as a dating experience, are you?

    If it bothers you, though, maybe you could fine another way to mentor (boys & girls clubs, etc.).

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    Yeah, that would scare me too. IF your identity will be kept private; then you have very little to loose but your sanity. =) If you feel qualified, this would be a wonderful thing for you to do. Not everyone is beyond help because they are in prison. (Not everyone is even GUILTY, as far as that goes...) You need to talk to whomever you trust to guide you. I'm very proud of you, and I'm certain I'm not qualified to offer you much in the way of advice. Please be CERTAIN you are protected. If you can help someone, you really will want to do so; (I do know that much about you.) Good luck. Please let us know what you decide. I'll "cross my fingers" for you. }:>

    The big thing is: How much do you trust the person who suggested this to you? That's a good place to start. Also, just because someone thinks this is a good idea, doesn't mean it's necessarily a good idea for you.

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    This is a new experience that is being offered to you for a reason. Not only might you be able to help those most in need of your wiseness, but you will most definitely learn valuable things with this experience.

    I may be young at 26 yrs old, but one thing I have learned is that it is better to do and conquer the things that scare you than to sit by and live more of the same.

    discuss your concerns with the person who offered you this and you may be surprised at what you learn.

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  • ditdit
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    1 decade ago

    get a post office box in a town as far from where you live as is comfortable for you to get to. Never reveal your true identity. Nor do you discuss anything personal with her. You never know what is really going on or how they will react once they return to society. It is a great thing to befriend someone in prison and encourage them on self improvement. But do not share personal information or loan money or promise to see them when they get out.

    Explain you have a family you have to consider and these are the rules. Obviously you have to choose an alias and stick with it.

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "All things work for good. There are no exceptions-


    in the egos judgment". A Course In Miracles.

    This would be something I would approach with much caution but it could be an opportunity not only for the prisoners but for yourself as well.

    "It is quite impossible NOT to listen to Gods Voice all though the day, whether you are aware of it or not" A Course In Miracles.

  • Miss T
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    1 decade ago

    If anyone can give a good example to these women, it's you. You'd make a fantastic mentor. Just because they are in prison, doesn't mean that these women are horrible. Some are just simply misguided.

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